June 9th, 2017

Gov’t office chief: Parliament likely to pass 2018 budget on June 15

Hungary’s parliament will most likely pass the country’s budget for 2018 in a final vote scheduled for June 15, the government office chief said. Next year’s budget “aims to create jobs, increase family support and provide for security”, János Lázár said. One of the main goals is to ensure full employment in 2018, he said, insisting that “everybody who wants to work will find a job here”. In 2010, when the current government came to office, there were “3.7 million people holding a job in Hungary, today their number is 4.4 million”, Lázár claimed.

Lázár said further measures to support families included reducing taxes and increasing central home-building subsidies. “We expect the country’s financial standing to remain stable in 2018, he said. All indicators suggest that there is budgetary rigour and discipline in Hungary,” said Lázár, adding that next year’s budget bill reflected stability and predictability.

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