June 9th, 2017

Gov’t official holds talks on support for persecuted Christians

Tamás Török, Hungarian deputy state secretary in charge of support for persecuted Christians, has held talks with International Criminal Court president Fernandez de Gurmendi, Hungarian ICC judge Péter Kovács and Dutch lawmakers in The Hague. Török briefed them about the operation of the Hungarian state secretariat set up for the purpose last October, discussed cooperation opportunities, and presented a resolution in which Hungary’s five parliamentary parties unanimously condemned the persecution of Christians and genocides committed in the Middle East and Africa, and expressed support for the persecuted.

Török said the state secretariat would host a world meeting in early October where church leaders from the Middle East will speak about the trials and tribulations of their communities. The Dutch partners agreed on the need to boost cooperation so that persecuted Christians should get appropriate guarantees for their safe return to their homeland.

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  • Given Fidesz official stand that Muslims and Christians cannot live together and that is the reason why Muslims should not be allowed entry to Hungary/Europe, is not the logical conclusion that this small minority of Christians in ‘The Muslim World’, should emigrate?
    So how many will Fidesz take into Hungary?

    Or is the question still on skin-colour and not religion?

    • ViktorZorroban

      Everyone can agree that those Christians being killed in the Middle East and Africa is horrible, but in the meantime it takes away attention of the real issues – that Hungarians are being slaughtered in Andorra!

    • Pali

      You just don’t get it do you. Security is the main item in association with muslims from the Arab states. There has been an estimated 3000+ terrorists sighted in Europe which upsets security. No one, in fact is saying Christians and muslims should not live together, the fact is, that muslims do not want to live with christians. Muslims do not mix or integrate, so really, what is the point having them in a christian country. Except for true refugees, illegal migrants are scroungers and have no intention of working, So why should any country pay for their upkeep out of taxpayers money. Up to press, hungary has an estimated Romanies of approx 800,000, and has over the past year or so accepted 800 refugees from the muslim states including about the same of children, who are at present being schooled in Hungarian classes. Skin colour has nothing to do with the issue. Most of the Romanies are semi coloured. So it’s not a case of how many Hungary will take in, it’s more like which ones will be accepted, and how their acceptance will affect the security of the country and people. Also, the main question is, how do the people think???? Should they be forced to accept illegal migrants of muslim nature, or do they have the right to accept and live with who they want to live with????

      • CG Walkman

        …the fact is, that muslims do not want to live with christians.

        What kind of fact did you prise out of your stupid head this time? The Muslims back home have no problems living with Christians. In fact, a Muslim classmate of mine is now a teacher in my old Catholic school run by Irish priests. Even the shariah courts don’t have any problems with this arrangement. Calling it a fact is plain dumb since one can easily find so many examples which contradict you.

        • Havelaar

          “Calling it a fact is plain dumb since one can easily find so many examples which contradict you.”

          Tell me, I would love to read them dear Walkman, but this is not what I am seeing in my country. I sincerely would love to see this,
          Islam and our liberal societies don’t make a good match. I have never seen any so called moderate Muslim wishing a nice day for years, a good weekend, etc. to the workers in our supermarkets in my country for example, and I paid attention. Apparently it is not allowed by their idiot religion. Instead they are spitting on the ground once they see my wife our daughter, or me. Yep. so called moderate muslims. They do not exist.

          Muslims do not integrate. They want to dominate.

      • “the fact is, that muslims do not want to live with christians”

        OK, I suppose you based that on living together with Muslims…or Roma.

        But what is your personal advise to all those tens of millions of Christians living together as minorities in Muslim-majority countries all over Asia, MidEast and Africa?

        Can you give a figure how many of these (obviously non-White) Christians your village can integrate, then integration cannot be a problem, then you are all Christians, right?
        Maybe you can see them as Brown/Black/Yellow Hungarians, then all Christians are inside Hungarians, right?

        • Havelaar

          “the fact is, that muslims do not want to live with christians”

          Yeah well Pali is extremely stupid, but he made a good point for once.

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