June 9th, 2017

Head of Parliament’s security committee calls for increased security at summer events

The Hungarian authorities should tighten security measures at major events this summer in response to growing challenges to Europe, the head of parliament’s security committee, of the opposition Socialists, said. Noting the recent terrorist attacks and the current military decline of the Islamic State terrorist organisation, Zsolt Molnár told MTI that the security situation could worsen in Europe in the months ahead. For this reason, he has asked the interior minister and the minister in charge of information to introduce stricter security measures and tighten cooperation with other countries in order to prevent emergency situations.

Tens of thousands of foreigners will arrive in Hungary to attend the World Aquatics Championships, the Formula One Grand Prix and the Sziget Festival this summer, Molnár said, adding that multi-lingual information should be distributed over the internet, on leaflets and on mass transport to explain the special security measures to them. Molnár also said that tens of thousands of Hungarians will travel internationally during their summer holidays and many of them will visit countries where the threat of terrorism is higher than in Hungary. He stressed the need to inform them about possible sources of danger and help them, if need be.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Tonight a wild bunch of Andorians committed a coup against Hungary. But no matter how hard they tried to humiliate us, our Hungarian pride prevailed. Hajrá, Magyarország! Hajrá, magyarok! Putin, here we come!!

    • d’oh

      You know, I almost feel sorry for them. It was embarrassing to watch the players doing the “high-five” salute with the black T-shirt wearing, beer marinated “ultra” halfwits at the last Euros, but really, those imbeciles were their only true supporters.

      • ViktorZorroban

        The humiliation is so intense that Orban will have no other choice than to 1) bring back the death penalty and execute these bunch of lame, losing traitors and 2) attack Andorra and burn it to the ground.
        Also, as Hungarians celebrate all their defeats, let’s make June 9 an official holiday so next generations will always remember the Andorra la Vella Massacre.

  • d’oh

    Why? Whatever else ISIS and its supporters might be, they are not completely stupid, and are most likely concerned with targets the world actually cares about. Hungary would pretty much have to be vaporized by a meteor to get top billing in the news over one of Kim Kardashian’s selfies.

  • So bashing foreigners coming to Hungary and scaring Hungarians from going abroad – that seems like Fidesz already capitulated to Daesh….without any single shots fired on Hungarian soil…the only dead and wounded are Hungarian Police Officers by Hungarian Nationalists…

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