June 12th, 2017

Socialist PM candidate Botka: left wing sole force able to replace Orbán-gov’t

The only force able to replace the Fidesz-led government in next year’s election will be the left wing, László Botka, prime minister candidate of the Socialist Party, told national daily Magyar Nemzet in response to a question whether radical nationalist Jobbik will be the main challenger. He admitted, however, that the current aggregate number of voters supporting the “democratic opposition parties’ would be insufficient for ousting Viktor Orbán’s government. “We still have to win over hundreds of thousands of voters whom we failed to address over the past seven years,” he said.

“There won’t be a major reshuffle in the political arena overnight,” he added. Botka said his dispute with ex-premier and Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány is of political and strategic rather than personal nature. “My strategy is clear. I seek the alliance of all democrats eager to see a change in government. We need a joint party list and joint candidates in all individual constituencies,” he said.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Botka forgets how much Hungarians love Orban. Just look at the National Team. Against Andorra they played like slow, fat midgets to honor our Glorious Leader.

  • …or will we have a ‘revolution from the center’ like in France, that will destroy MSZP and Fidesz?
    Momentum is the only group in Hungary to play that part, but they have a huge task in front of them and they may not be savvy enough.

  • What will happen after 2018 Elections if Fidesz and MSZP can build a new coalition Government, if the alternative is a coalition between Fidesz/”Jobbik”?

    Will MSZP chose to in reality enable a Fidesz/”Jobbik” Government or force Whorban more to the “left”?
    An Hungarian Government with substantial “Jobbik”-support may create ‘real’ problems for Hungry internationally and MSZP may feel the demand to ‘take one for the country’…maybe for both MSZP and Fidesz the most important thing will be to stop Gyurcsany’s come-back…

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