June 13th, 2017

Hungarian Spectrum: The agony of Hungarian football

Hungarian football and Viktor Orbán exist in a symbiotic relationship. The defeat in Andorra is a defeat for Viktor Orbán and his vision. Last summer when during the European Football Championship games Hungary scored a couple of victories, Orbán obviously believed that his strategy of making Hungarian football great again was working. Those who are aware of the depth of the problems, however, knew from the start that all the billions of forints spent on the sport had been in vain.

Source: The agony of Hungarian football

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  • ViktorZorroban

    If you want an allegory for Putinian Fidesznikstan, look at this Glorious picture of our Almighty Leader. He’s on his knees, bowing like a fat, retarded midget before the Football Gods, who love to make fun of Hungary in the most cruel ways (remember the 8-1 against the already qualified Netherlands, or the 1-0 against the Andorra moose stompers).
    As the saying goes: People get the government and football players they deserve. In the case of Hungarians, that’s certainly true.

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