June 13th, 2017

Jobbik and Teachers’ Movement support LMP’s proposal for constitutional review of

The Jobbik party and teachers’ movement Tanítanék (“I would teach”) have expressed support for green LMP’s proposal for the Constitutional Court to annul a recent amendment of the public education law, lawmakers said. Jobbik’s deputy group leader Dóra Dúró told the press that the bill was “flawed and inhumane and shows mistrust in experts by stripping them of the right to decide whether a child should be exempt from examination in a certain subject”. Jobbik would add infringement of the right to equal opportunities and social support to LMP’s proposal as additional factors for the Constitutional Court to examine, Dúró said.

Speaking at a joint conference with LMP’s group leader Bernadett Szél, Tanítanék representative Katalin Törley told a press briefing that the legislation would strip children with special needs of the last chance to succeed and would risk many of them dropping out of school.

President János Áder signed the amendment on the public education law on June 9. In a statement, Áder said he had consulted with the ombudsman for educational rights prior to signing the legislation, and was “assured that worries around the amendment were not justified”. He also noted that the “directions and content” of the new law was “approved by several professional organisations including associations supporting children with special needs”.

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