June 13th, 2017

Orbán claims “Brussels” is “being ruled by Soros” once again

Hungary “has never been anti-European” and its government represents “a true European position”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told lawmakers. Orbán said that the European Union is a voluntary alliance of independent nations and does not equal Brussels. “Hungary is not and has never been anti-European. Quite the opposite, the government represents a true European position, protecting the current European treaty, including the original sharing of competences between the member states and Brussels. It is Brussels rather than Hungary that has changed its position,” he claimed. The prime minister accused Brussels of “openly siding with terrorists”, which he called “incomprehensible”.

Referring to a man convicted in Hungary for leading a group of migrants attacking Hungarian police along the southern border, Orbán said that “Ahmed H’s obviously absurd lies” are “more important for Brussels than the security of Hungarians”. Referring to US financier George Soros, Orbán called it “absurd” that a “financial speculator” sets the direction for Brussels and gets to say what Europe is supposed to do while European leaders “are bowing” to him.

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  • wolfi

    Is O still angry that Soros sent him to England many years ago?
    What happened there? Did he realise his insignificance or did someone hurt him? Or is he still angry that he had to return to Hungary after a short time?
    Will we ever know the truth about him being a Communist spy or what?

  • Whorban said that the European Union is a voluntary alliance of independent nations and does not equal Brussels

    Yes, voluntary in the correct sense of the word – after the so hated Lisbon Treaty there is that infamous Article 50, which grants you the possibility to leave…

  • Illiberal Revolution

    Bravo! BRAVO! Another great speech by The Leader! And that’s why he is our Prime Minister! Éljen Orbán!

    • wolfi

      The Leader – translated into German?
      Maybe you’re right …

      My parents told me a (dangerous) joke – informally the abbreviation GRÖFAZ was used:
      Größter Führer aller Zeiten – this translates nicely into
      The GLOAT – The Greatest Leader of all Times

      Could you please translate this into Hungarian?

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