June 14th, 2017

Politico – Martin Schulz to Viktor Orbán: No refugees means no subsidies

German Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz said that, if elected chancellor, he would push for the EU to cut subsidies to countries that do not take in refugees.

“With me as chancellor … we won’t accept that solidarity as a principle is questioned,” Schulz said on Tuesday at a conference of a business lobbying group with ties to his party.

Source: Martin Schulz to Viktor Orbán: No refugees means no subsidies

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  • So will EPP’s Merkel defend Whorban?

    • ViktorZorroban

      Our Brave Leader doesn’t need EU money, or the support of Merkel. What he needs is tons of Paks money, and the full support of the Russians to transform Hungary in the glorious Putinian Union of Soviet Fideszniks.

      • Pali

        You are the most miserable piece of crap that has walked the face of the earth. If your brain is as nasty as your portrait picture, you should scream for help.

        • wolfi

          Imho O’s picture is very real looking – what do you have against it/him?

        • ViktorZorroban

          If Zorro’s motto is “Justice for all”, that doesn’t include Miserable Magyars like you. You deserve to be ripped off 🙂

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