June 16th, 2017

Szeged appeals court orders retrial in case of Ahmed H. – The Budapest Beacon

Whatever happens with me in Hungary in this case, I have nothing against the Hungarian people or Hungary.” – Ahmed H.

A second-level court in Szeged has ordered a retrial in the case of Ahmed H., citing inconsistent evidence in the original trial.

Ahmed H. was arrested in Hungary in September 2015 following clashes between asylum-seekers and police at the Röszke border crossing from Serbia. Accused by state prosecutors of committing acts of terrorism, in November 2016 he was convicted by the first-level court and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Hungarian and international civil and legal rights watchdog organizations protested the decision, with many observers referring to his case as a show trial.

Source: Szeged appeals court orders retrial in case of Ahmed H. – The Budapest Beacon

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  • Cases like this makes you wonder on the legal knowledgeability of Hungarian first-level Courts…

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