June 19th, 2017

Atlatszo.hu: Ten million euros spent on ‘Stronger Hungary’ campaign

The Hungarian government’s 2017 ‘Stronger Hungary’ advertising campaign was profitable for businessmen close to governing party Fidesz. András Tombor’s company received almost one billion HUF (EUR 3,3 million) while Istán Garancsi’s company received about half of that. But there was enough money for everyone: Andy Vajna, Arpad Habony and Lorinc Meszaros also managed to get a slice of the cake.

Source: Ten million euros spent on ‘Stronger Hungary’ campaign

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Every Hungarian knows that Eternal Glory comes with a hefty price tag.
    Hajrá Orbán, our Supreme Leader of Putinist Fidesznikistan!

    • wolfi

      That’s still nothing compared to what North Korea spends on propaganda!

      And the amount that Russia Today gets would make even Vajna and Habony envious!

      And now for something funny:
      Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen said Britain was not in a position to bully Denmark or other members of the European Union during the Brexit negotiation process, Politiken reported.

      Jensen added: “There are two kinds of European nations. There are
      small nations and there are countries that have not yet realized they
      are small nations.”

      In what category would he put Hungary?

      • ViktorZorroban

        Hungary is a glorious country that has not yet realized it is glorious… Maybe after we’ll win the FIFA World Cup 3 times in a row, Hungarians will be proud of Orban in the way he deserves it.

  • Damien Dae

    I cannot help but wonder how much money from these 10 millions euros landed in Fidesz’ pockets…

    • wolfi

      At least 50% – says an acquaintance of ours.
      I still remember last week when I saw one of those billboards besides the road – first thing to recognise was a tiger and then something about Hungary – it felt so funny that I started laughing and almost drove into the ditch …
      If Hungary is compared to a tiger?

      Since I had to concentrate on driving I later when the next billboard appeared asked my wife to read it out to me but she refused …
      She just started with some really bad (afaik …) swear words which I can’t repeat here!

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