July 6th, 2017

Direkt36: A longtime Fidesz operator’s path to EU billions

Direkt36 has revealed further details about the businesses of Ágoston Gubicza, who has had close contacts within the government for years. Our article – published in full in the Hungarian edition of Forbes – sheds light on the controversial ways Gubicza distributed funds though an EU scheme known as the Jeremie programme.

His company also won a 16-billion-forint (52-million-euro) investment tender of the state-owned export-import bank (Eximbank). Our investigation showed that Gubicza had negotiated with the bank’s leadership even before the call for tender was issued.

Source: A longtime Fidesz operator’s path to EU billions

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Sounds like a great scheme for our Glorious Leaders and their cronies! And what’s Brussels going to do about it? Absolutely nothing, as they fear the 115% majority of True Hungarians who would start a WWIII to keep our Fidesznik nomenklatura out of jail.

    • Damien Dae

      You don’t need a 115% majority of True Hungarians; a few billboards and Lőrinc Mészáros ought to keep Brussels at bay.


      • ViktorZorroban

        Meszaros is a True Business Miracle Man, born and raised in Felcsut, the Hungarian Bethlehem. Unlike Jewish schmucks like Soros, he didn’t steal anything from miserable Hungarians.
        It is really good that our Fidesznik Leaders have this Pravda campaign going on, so Hungarians learn about everything they eed to be protected against. In the meantime, they can sleep at ease because Meszaros will keep boosting our GDP with his Einstein brain and Elon Musk work hours.

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