July 6th, 2017

Quotable: former finance minister on what anti-Soros billboard campaign makes Viktor Orbán

“It has to be said finally, so I will say it: Hungary’s prime minister is a fascist.”

Lajos Bokros, former finance minister in 1995-96, currently the head of Movement for Modern Hungary (MOMA) in a statement on the Orbán government’s latest billboard campaign. 444.hu.
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  • Marta Burka

    When Soros stops interfering in Hungary’s political life then the billboards can be removed. The truth should be said even if it hurts.

    • Bowen

      I’m sure Mr. Soros is quaking in his boots at all the billboards everywhere in Hungary. Whoever thought of these billboards is a Hungarian genius.

      • Marta Burka

        Hungary does have a sense of humor.

        • ViktorZorroban

          Yes, Hungarians are famous for their LOL-depressions and ROFL-poverty.

    • seinean

      Hungary’s PM is a fascist-in-waiting.. The truth should be said even if it hurts.

      • Marta Burka

        I am sure that where ever you live you would not like foreigners to interfere in the country’s political life. Sovereignty is important in all countries. Soros is evil.

        • Vidra

          What does being evil or being a good person have to do with political life?

        • seinean

          Gee I didn’t saw it like that, but now that you mention it:

          – the PM of one of our neighbouring countries likes to make his annual general policy speech in my country instead of doing it in his country. Not a clear interference – but still unpleasant

          – the same PM instructed the diplomats of this neighbouring country to not participate to our national holiday because it finds it “inappropriate”. A bit of an interference…

          – the same PM and his party heavily funds private education institutions promoting his political ames in my country. Sounds familiar ?

          – the speaker of the National Assembly of the same neighbouring country planned for the public reburial of a politician suspected of war crimes in my country against the will and recommendation of my government

          – high ranking politicians from the same neighbouring country periodically criticize our policies

          Now – what do you reckon ? Am I in the position to dislike “foreigners …[who]… interfere in …[my].. country’s political life” ?

          • Marta Burka

            2015 changed the way Hungary felt about the migrants. See if you can find some footage. 400,000 people marched through Hungary. The migrants occupied a train station, ignored all laws, threw garbage all over the place. They behaved like an invading army. There was also no end to their demands.

            Hungary is a small country. It was not prepared for an invasion. The EU did nothing to help. Norwegian Red Cross sent food which was all thrown out because it had a red cross on it.

            They marched into houses, took things out of pantries, ruined gardens and frightened old people who lived there. Molested women, and a large number of police officer had to be deployed to protect the women.

            Terrorists attacks, rapes and murder happened in EU countries that took in large number of migrant.

            It is their behavior that made them unacceptable. Hungary closed its borders.

          • seinean

            Nice. You don’t address the points I made. Instead you try to feed me the official POV about refugees.

            The refugee issue in itself has little to do with VO being “almost” a fascist. His totalitarian approach to governing Hungary, his lack of democratic spirit, his continuous strive to eliminate all obstacles to his power, all checks and balances that are specific to Western style democracies, the clique of his faithfuls that he enriched, his “illiberal” doctrine – all these make him so.

          • Marta Burka

            Prior to 2015, the EU did not call Hungary a fascist country. Hungary has many political parties and Fidesz won the election with a large majority. The EU was not always happy with the decisions Hungary made but there was no open hostility. Hungary even took in refugee children, educated them and they live happily in Hungary to this day.

            In 2015, Hungary was over run. Brussels issued orders which the rest of the western countries backed. Once Hungary decided not to blindly obey Brussels, Hungary became a fascists, Islamaphobic and xenophobic country. The liberal media enforced this idea.

            Hungary did not eliminate the democratic spirit but objects to foreign powers, mainly Soros, financing NGOs to stir up trouble, simply because Hungary decided to close its borders.

            Hungary does not hate any group of people but cannot tell the difference between good and evil.. Germany, France, the UK and Belgium was also in the same position. Unfortunately, there were many victims due to terror attacks.

            If you are worried about CEU, a university funded by Soros, the university issues an American/Hungarian diploma. This university does not have connection with any university in the US. Until there is a US campus, the Hungarian government wants CEU to issue only Hungarian diplomas.

            My previous reply about the migrants is true, check the news reels. I would have answered your points but my granddaughter pressed the button. It was time to play with her.

            Sovereignty,is the right of every nation. It is a hope of all citizens that its government will work for the benefit of its citizens. Foreign entities should not meddle in any foreign government, they do not have the right. Name calling also does not help. Many people now believe the reputation that enemies and the liberal press keeps reinforcing about Hungary. It is too bad but majority of Hungarians support the government they have elected..

          • seinean


            You are letting your liberty and the liberty of your granddaughter go down the drain.

            First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Socialist.

            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Jew.

            Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

            Martin Niemöller

          • Marta Burka

            You quoted lives under the communist government. We will never agree.

          • seinean

            Martin Niemöller lived in Germany under the NAZI regime. His sayings are famous – they describe how a totalitarian regime can gradually limit all liberties for everybody just because plain , good people consider that they are not the ones concerned. Then it is too late.
            Just a question – if I may : did you figure out the country where I live ?

      • Pali

        Oh, it hurts alright, but the truth is, Obán Viktor is not a fascist, and has no intentions of being one. He is a truthful Prime Minister working for his people and country, and he is doing a wonderful job of it too. Just because your leader is a fascist, it doesn’t put Orbán Viktor in the same category. Read a bit more history and learn a few more facts.

        • seinean

          “Just because your leader is a fascist”
          Again – who do you reckon “my leader” would be ?

  • ViktorZorroban

    I think our Fidesz Government does a great job to remind Hungarians that Soros is pure evil!


    • Pali

      Only because he is.

      • ViktorZorroban

        Yes, Jews like Soros => GAS!
        (Guilty As Sin)

  • Pali

    Soros is the most evil piece of dirt in the world, and needs putting out of his misery, and leave the people he aggravates in peace.

    • National Hiphop

      Hey “friend”, don’t forget to take your pills. We are all here to help you, remember? 😉

      • Pali

        Well my friend, I don’t need to take pills when I and others are confronted by liers and evils. It seems to me, you know nothing about Mr. Soros and what he is trying to do to Europe. He is using his money and wealth to kill off Europe by flooding it with illegal imigrants. He does this by weakening all European countries in order to close down the countries economy, hence leaving them almost on the verge of bankrupsy. If you look back to the first world war, exactly the same thing went on with England, France and Russia in connection with the Berlin-Bagdad railway. Soros is doing the same thing, only with migrants. If you read up “Why the Treaty of Trianon is Void” by Louis Kossuth Birinyi, A.B., LL.B., LL.D., a member of Cleveland, Ohio, Bar, you will understand what I am talking about. Soros is a nasty money maker of Jewish descent, but says he does not believe in religion, calling himself an atheist. He is dangerous and finances NGO’s all over the world to accomplish his goals. He is the one who is in league with the EU, and with his contributions, practically dominates what is said and done in the political field of the EU. I think the is time near when Hungarians conversed themselves with the true history of thier own country, going back to the time they first entered the Carpathian Basin and set up camp, along with the invasion of the Turks and the take over of the Communist regime. It seems to me there is too much propaganda and lies spread around the Hungarian people. Marta Burka is right, Soros should stop interfering in Hungarian politics.

        • ViktorZorroban

          Pali, I am so proud of you for fucking up the Enhlisg Languighe. If you can’t beat those foreign liberals with arguments, mess up their spelling and grammar!

  • Pali

    No No No. Orbán Viktor is Not a fascist. Far from it. Does trying to wake the Hungarian people up to reality and truth, really make him into a fascist. No, he is truth and thinks about his People, Security and his Country. The only people that would label him as a fascist are those who go against him and can’t stand the truth, namely the Socialists and lefty groups.

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