July 7th, 2017

Orbán’s “year of revolt” prediction for 2017 backfired so much now he is praying for Merkel’s victory at German elections

Even though Viktor Orbán had predicted in January that 2017 would be “the year of revolt” against the European Union’s federalist policies, a series of election results have proved him wrong so far. As a result Orbán is becoming increasingly isolated in Europe. It describes his situation well that he called on the supporters of Fidesz and the government during a recent event to “say a silent prayer for Angela Merkel’s victory” at the forthcoming German elections, writes hvg.hu.

Orbán stated in a January interview with pro-government news site 888.hu that 2017 was going to be “the year of revolt” concerning the elections in the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. The prime minister predicted the “revolt of those left to their own devices” and “the completion of another national type of revolt that had already begun in 2016.” Three out of the four elections held so far proved him spectacularly wrong as nationalist and right-wing parties were solidly beaten by centrists in the Netherlands and France, while in the United Kingdom the Conservatives can only govern in coalition after an election they called to get empowerment to see through an anti-immigration “hard” Brexit.

All in all, it does not seem like the narrative of “everyone will slowly see that Orbán is right” will prevail in Europe, regarding the distinction he made between “global” and “national” interests, let alone his populism and idea of “illiberal democracy”. The pressure of the issue of migration he and his government is pushing overtime eased with the pact between the EU and Turkey, and the people of Europe seem to be once again in the favour of integration. This is why Orbán found himself “silently praying” for Merkel’s victory” at the German elections, as her opponent, Social Democrat Michael Schultz already got tired of his antics as the President of the European Parliament. The current state of affairs in Europe foreshadow a “two-speed” EU with a core and peripheries, and an Orbán-led Hungary is very likely to end up on the peripheries as the only European ally of Putin’s Russia.

It may be a difficult enough task for Orbán and Fidesz to maintain their power in Hungary in next year’s elections. They already concluded that the necessary 2 million voters must be fanaticised by a dirty, hard-hitting campaign that dehumanizes opponents, and created new enemy images, while further enlarging the existing ones. The latest “national consultation” and the current billboard campaign against George Soros may in fact only be an early warning of what is yet to come.

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  • pantanifan

    Given that in January 2017 nobody knew there would be a General Election in the UK, Mr. Orbán did well to predict that there would be a snap election called by Mrs. May 🙂
    With the vitriol aimed at Mrs. Merkel from many Fidesz supporters over the migrant/refugee issue, it is difficult to imagine them rooting for her, but she probably represents the “least bad” option as far as they are concerned….

    • CG Walkman

      OV had 12 months to let his “prediction” pan out, and given that May was somewhat of an “accidental” PM, it wasn’t too hard to think that there might be one in the UK. Also, if he had gotten it wrong, most people would have forgotten it by Dec, as it is with most predictions. 🙂

      You may be right on the 2nd statement.

    • Damien Dae

      Angela Merkel is Orbán’s strongest support in the EU, let’s not forget it.

  • ViktorZorroban

    Orban is 115% right when he says that Soros ist unser Unglück. History will prove that he’s the biggest visionairy in the history of mankind. Ein Viktorious Volk, ein Putinist Reich, ein Fidesznik Führer!


  • seinean

    The only issue with 2017 is that – unfortunatelly – no serious democratic competitor for Orbán’s FIDESZ appeared considering the next elections in 2018…

    • National Hiphop

      Indeed, that is a big enough problem in itself.

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