July 7th, 2017

Socialists: Fidesz may provoke violence ahead of elections

The governing Fidesz party is preparing for violent provocations, the Socialist Party said. “This is why they keep saying that something will happen in the autumn,” the party said, referring to Speaker László Köver’s recent remark that “open attacks against democratic institutions” by a “coalition” of opposition parties and organisations associated with US financier George Soros.

According to the Socialists, current developments hark back to the period before the 1998 election when there were mysterious bomb attacks which ceased when Fidesz won. The Socialists also called on the police not to succumb to political pressure from Fidesz and not to assist political criminals with their provocative actions.

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  • Pali

    The Socialists in Hungary create so much distaste and hatred towards the governing parties. Their hatred is paramount to war when they cannot see a way through to winning. The only ones who suggest violent provocations, are the opposition parties, when they cannot have their own way. None of them deserve to be in charge of Hungary, so leave it to the ones who know what they are doing, Fidesz.

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