July 10th, 2017

Budapest Pride parade held without cordons and incidents

The Budapest Pride parade marking the end of Hungary’s week-long festival of The LGBTQ community was held on Saturday afternoon, with participants gathering near Parliament and later moving across central Budapest without any significant incidents reported. Theatre director Árpád Schilling told participants in front of Parliament that the LGBTQ community wants to achieve equality, but to do so, its members would have to accept and declare their self-identity “against our own political leaders”. However, he said this would not be easy, as “the vast majority” of Hungary’s MPs – i.e.most of the Fidesz-KDNP and Jobbik lawmakers – are homophobic.

Ágnes Gyémánt, founder of Hungary’s LGBTQ rights group PFLAG, said parents of LGBTQ people also have to “come out” to help members of the community by setting an example and sharing their experiences. She said solidarity towards the LGBTQ community in Hungary could be strengthened by including the topic of gay rights in public education. Earlier on Saturday, organisers said they would change their route of the march in order to avoid any security fences put up by police. Dániel Hollander, a Pride march organiser, said authorities had approved the altered route.

Representatives of several opposition parties also joined in the march. Thirty-six embassies in Budapest expressed support for the event, as did the opposition Socialist Party, LMP, the Democratic Coalition, the Dialogue party and the Hungarian Liberal Party. Meanwhile, radical nationalist Jobbik has said that if it comes into power in 2018, it would not allow “openly anti-family demonstrations” to be held in Hungary.

MTI’s correspondent spotted some counter-demonstrators along the route of the march with signs that read “Shame”, “Jesus says to convert because the wages of sin is death” and “Marriage in Hungary is an alliance between a man and a woman, accept it!” Police said they had dispersed a counter demonstration at the Chain Bridge and prevented disruptions to the event along other sections of the route. They cordoned off some sections of the route and blocked certain side streets.

A Budapest Pride spokesperson said that because of the limited amount of fences this year’s Pride was significantly “freer” than in years past. The march ended just before 6pm at Várkert Bazár, at the foot of the Buda Castle.

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  • FUCeausescu

    Bottom line, there were no major incidents. In Amsterdam on the other hand, gay couples are no longer feeling it is safe for them to hold hands in public. Ironic that it is in “illeberal” Hungary that gay people are increasingly feeling safer compared with the “liberal” Western part of Europe.

    • Bowen

      Hungary is clearly a gay paradise, thanks to that fence Orbán built to keep the Muslims out!

      I hope Orbán wins some kind of LGBTQ award for all his hard work.

      • FUCeausescu

        Keeping hordes of misogynistic homophobes out of Europe is indeed a huge favor to gays and women’s right to safety. Remember the 1,200 women molested on the streets in Germany in a single night? Gay marriage in places like Holland not worth much when gay couples cannot even hold hands in public for fear of reprisals.

        • Bowen

          Now all we need to do is get rid of all the misogynistic homophobes in Hungary, which includes most of Fidesz and Jobbik.

          Then there’s the extremely high rate of domestic abuse in Hungary (http://www.ce-review.org/01/18/csardas18.html).

          Then, there’s the whole porn/sex industry in Hungary.

          The best thing to do would be to kick out about 90% of Hungarian men from Hungary. Then it might become a quite nice country to live in.

          • wolfi

            kick out about 90% of Hungarian men

            But that might be too much for us non-Hungarian men in Hungary!
            Satisfying just one Hugarian woman is enough work!

            I really enjoy my kind of work … 🙂

          • Bowen

            Sorry Wolfi, but try not to be so self-interested. I am only thinking about the best interests of Hungary, here.

          • wolfi

            I’ll leave that kind of hard work to you younger men – it’s no wonder there are several men here (and on HS) who have Hungarian partners.
            While afaik it happens not so often that a Hungarian man gets a partner from abroad – the few cases I know all ended in divorce rather fast …

          • d’oh

            And Rocco Siffredi isn’t getting any younger either.

          • Bowen

            Thank the Lord that Budapest has the world’s only Rocco Siffredi restaurant. Located only a few metres away from the Hungarian Parliament.

          • d’oh

            Haha. Hungary really is a silly place. Never stops to amaze me.

          • Pali

            So, you are a woo woo browny. Mmmmmmm.

      • Pali

        Didn’t you know, most muslims are brownies? Well, you got the fence bit wrong.

    • Ironic that it is in “illeberal” Hungary that gay people are increasingly feeling safer compared with the “liberal” Western part of Europe

      Not that you can prove that statement…

      • FUCeausescu

        In 2009 there were 400 reported attacks in Netherlands on gay people, by 2015, it increased to 1,600.


        I am not aware of any stats in Hungary, but the recent parade is proof of things getting a lot better. Here is an account from 2008 parade:


        A lot better!!!

        • The correct quote is:
          COC Netherlands, an advocacy group for gay rights based in Amsterdam, said the number of reported cases of violence against gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people had increased to 1,600 in 2015 from about 400 in 2009. Of the 1,600, nine resulted in convictions for discrimination-related offenses, including hate crimes.
          It cautioned, however, that the increase in reporting could also be a result of greater awareness of the issue.


          Now you try to report to the Hungarian Police that you and your gay boyfriend was harassed…

          As I wrote:
          “Not that you can prove that statement…”, then your statement was:
          “Ironic that it is in “illeberal” Hungary that gay people are increasingly feeling safer compared with the “liberal” Western part of Europe”
          None of your quotes/links refer to how/what ‘gay people’ ‘feel’…

          • FUCeausescu

            Gay people in Hungary seeing a safer environment, as evidenced by parade needing less protection, mostly incident-free. In Netherlands 400 cases reported in 2009, 1600 in 2015. It quadrupled. Unquestionably, getting better for gays in “Illeberal” Hungary, and getting worse for gays in Netherlands, and we know why, even if a certain mr. Viking will never admit to it. No point bothering with you, given that you will stop at nothing to disclaim any evidence presented, no matter how absurd your attempt.

            Besides, you really should not even comment here, after your “cock in the mouth” comment you made recently. What the fuck does it matter to you how gay people feel?

          • “Gay people in Hungary seeing a safer environment, as evidenced by parade needing less protection, mostly incident-free”

            A minority of Gay people join these Parades, so the Parades as such does not tell how/what the majority of Gay people feel, especially in the villages, outside the Budapest hype.

            Well-known Gay and Right-Extremist Jörg Haider did not join any Parades, but he did not love any immigrants either, at least not outside his bedroom…and if they were over 16 yo…

          • FUCeausescu

            Like I said, nothing is ever evidence of anything that might make an argument against your fanatical agenda of demographic jihad against Europeans. Remember how you turned on the victims of the mass-molestation and rape in Germany? “Why are they reporting it?” Now you are taking your homophobic mysogynism to a new level “cock in your mouth does not make you right”. I guess you are embracing the mysoginist homophobia of the colonists you suport bringing into Europe. As for the widespread homophobia of the colonists? “not legal”, not same as “illegal”. Seriously? One could put anything in front of you and you will excuse it, bullshit it, distort it away. I think you are mentally ill one way or another!

          • As I wrote:
            “Not that you can prove that statement…”, then your statement was:
            “Ironic that it is in “illeberal” Hungary that gay people are increasingly feeling safer compared with the “liberal” Western part of Europe”

            Making statements that cannot be proven, just to push a political agenda, where different minorities are used as collateral, is of course totally sane…
            Why not try to prove your point, like with a PEW-study of what ‘Gay people in the EU feels’?
            You must have some basis for your statement above, especially as you claim not to be Gay, so some RealMcCoy must have told you how/what they ‘feel’?

          • FUCeausescu

            Havelar stated recently that he now finds Budapest to be safer for gays than Amsterdam. Regardless, the trend of less safety in Netherlands and other places in Western Europe, due to your sick agenda is unmistakable. As a result, this traditionally liberal community, which in the past has been part of the West’s useful idiots of Islamist fanatics, is now turning against your agenda, which is why I believe you are suddenly spewing venom.

          • Havelar stated recently that he now finds Budapest to be safer for gays than Amsterdam

            Wonderful – two heterosexuals claiming what is more safer for homosexuals…you cannot make this shit up…

  • Pali

    Keep the browners off the streets and teach them to keep their mouths shut and their hands in their own pockets. Disgusting idiots.

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