July 10th, 2017

Tesco workers demonstrate for higher wages

Employees of the Hungarian unit of UK retailer Tesco held a demonstration in Budapest on Saturday demanding a 15,000 forint (EUR 49) wage rise for the retail chain’s staff. József Sáling, chairman of retail union KASZ, said that around 300 people participated in the demonstration. Retailer workers union KDFSZ, who organised the demonstration, is demanding that Tesco honour its pledge to remain among the top three best-paying retail supermarket chains in Hungary by raising the wages of its trained retail workers earning minimum wage. It is also demanding that no one in the company should be paid less than the increased minimum wage.

The demonstrators handed over a petition with their demands to a Tesco representative at the end of the demonstration. Sáling said that currently 12,500 of the 16,500 Tesco workers in Hungary earn a minimum wage, which he said was unacceptable, arguing that “they work to make a respectable living and not the minimum wage.” He also said Tesco plans to give a 2.3% wage increase to the remaining 4,000 employees. Sáling said that if the retailer does not ensure the unions “fair” wage talks, they will continue demonstrating and call a strike if all else fails.

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  • Damien Dae

    ‘Minimum’ and ‘wage’ are redundant in Hungary, what do they expect? If they really want to earn more, they should become good friends with Orbán, that’s all.

    • Pali

      Damien Dae, you speak such rubbish. The government has a lead in wages crisis, when they get involved in the minimum wage. That is as far as any government goes. The actual wage increases are dealt with by the businesses themselves. To make good friends with Obán Viktor is not true. Orbán Viktor is doing his best to lift this country, so he certainly does not need empty criticism from the likes of you. Your empty talk seems the norm throughout Hungary, obviously coming from dumb brained socialists. Seven years ago, this country was going down and down, and almost on the verge of bankruptcy under the Socialists, but now it is on the rise and the economy has lifted, jobs have been sort after and given, and now wages are on the increase throughout. Cut the propaganda Damien Dae, and look at the truth, not the lies.

      • Seven years ago, this country was going down and down, and almost on the verge of bankruptcy under the Socialists, but now employees are demonstrating for higher wages…

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