July 11th, 2017

Hungarian Spectrum: Orbán’s trust in Flórián Farkas is unwavering: The price is 2.5 billion forints

I’m somewhat late in reporting on the latest developments surrounding the infamous Flórián Farkas, Viktor Orbán’s “strategic Roma ally.” Farkas is a Fidesz member of parliament, commissioner in charge of Roma affairs, and chairman of Lungo Drom. He is the man who delivers the Gypsy vote for Fidesz.

Over the years it became evident that, under Farkas’s watch, billions of EU money designed for a project called “Road to Employment” had disappeared. This left the Országos Roma Önkormányzat (ORÖ/National Roma Self-government) bankrupt.

Source: Orbán’s trust in Flórián Farkas is unwavering: The price is 2.5 billion forints

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  • “No Roma party or candidate can pay Roma individuals as much for their votes as candidates from the major political parties can pay.”

    Gábor Váradi, identified as a “a Roma leader in Miskolc,” as quoted in a feature about Roma engagement in politics by noted journalist Chuck Sudetic for the Open Society Foundation’s website.

  • “He is the man who delivers the Gypsy vote for Fidesz.”

    April 8th, 2014
    Record number of Roma voted, says leader
    BY MTI

    Preliminary results suggest that since the first democratic elections were held in 1990, a record number of Roma participated in Sunday’s election, the National Roma Self-Government (ORO) said on Monday.

    Estimates show almost 300,000 Roma cast their ballots in constituencies in Budapest and in the country’s 19 counties on Sunday, and almost 90 percent, 260,000-270,000 people, voted for the incumbent Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance to continue their work, the self-government said.


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