July 12th, 2017

Gov’t office chief admits moves against university also aimed at Soros

Government office chief János Lázár said at last Thursday’s press briefing that the April legislation against the Central European University (CEU) was part of the Orbán government’s attacks on financier George Soros, the university’s founder and patron for his alleged support for uncontrolled migration, reports Index.hu.

Parliament’s Fidesz-KDNP majority accepted an amendment to the law on higher education, put forward by expedited legislature, on April 4. The amendment was allegedly aimed to “correct irregularities uncovered at several foreign universities”. There was little doubt though that it was made with the intention of shutting down CEU, which had been founded in 1991 by Soros.

The government faced a massive international outcry both in Europe and in the US because of Lex CEU. Still, they kept denying that the amendment was made solely against “Soros’s university”, even though they have been using the Hungarian-born US financial as a universal bogeyman in their communication for years.

This went on until last week, when the government office chief finally made it clear that CEU was targeted as part of the government rhetoric claiming that Soros wants to “flood Europe with millions of immigrants, thereby endangering Hungary’s security”. János Lázár insisted that Soros could operate CEU over the years “for all his financial and economic activities, but his immigration policy could not be tolerated.” By echoing the usual sentiments against Soros, Lázár also indirectly admitted that Fidesz’s leading politicians cited false reasons for several months regarding the legislation concerning CEU.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Our Fidesznik Leaders are all about openness. Hungarians should not be afraid that they are cheated on, lied to or bamboozled.

    • wolfi

      Yes, it’s an open secret – Fidesz will use any and all means to prove that Soros is the devil who wants to destroy Hungary …

      Now I’m wondering:
      Why should Soros be so interested in his home country which he left for grener pastures many years ago? He made a fortune without any Hungarian connection, but then:
      He paid for Orban’s education even …

      Maybe it’s because he can’t forget that Hungarians sent all his relatives to death?

      • Pali

        What you have to understand, is, Soros is a money maker and it doesn’t matter how he makes it. Gambling and speculating is his business, so he is not interested who he hurts or how he hurts. Before, during and after the 1st World War people like Soros were and are regarded as Leeches and Parasites that live on the sweat and blood of another group. The other group is composed of Creators and Builders. Between the two groups there is a constant struggle, and this struggle sometimes is calm and unnoticed, while at other times it is fierce, bloody and deadly. You can see this struggle every day, read of it every day and dream of it every night. At one time the Builders and Creaters are feverishly at work to create the necessities of life for the enjoyment of thier fellow men, while the Leeches and Parasites are patiently biding thier time and preparing to pounce upon the Creaters to take away from them the results of their labor. Just look back what Soros did to England, when he made over one billion pounds speculating on the downfall of the British economy, which he himself created. Soros the Leech. Look back at the first world war, the business of the Berlin- Bagdad Railway. The Builders and the Creaters were building a railway between Berlin and Bagdad to enrich Europe and Asia, then France, England and Russia (Russia was used to finance the project), created a war to stop the Berlin-Bagdad Railway, Hence the 1st World War. Now, we look at a similar thing today, which not only involes Europe, but America as well, involving Illegal migrants. Soros has so much money invested in America and Europe, in order to bring down the economy of both, that he is recruiting people to serve him through his NGO’s etc. His idea is to flood America and Europe with migrants, to illegaly take over, cause war and eventually take over. Sound familiar? When I talk about the 1st World War, I refer to manuscripts that were written by Louis Kossuth Birinyi, A.B., LL.B., LL.D. Member, Cleveland, Ohio, Bar. These manuscripts refer to “WHY THE TREATY OF TRIANON IS VOID”. I suggest you and others pick it up on the internet and thoroughly read the manuscrips, then you might see just what Mr. Bloody Soros is up to. Here is something else, Soros was born into a Jewish family, but at a later date denounced religeon, and admitted he is an Atheist. If you look at manuscripts on the second world war, you will see that he pretended to be a Christian, and gave the whereabouts of many hundred of jews, who were sort after by the Nazis, and sent to extermination camps or killed on the spot. No, Soros is not interested in his home country of Hungary, he wants a passage for illegal migrants to be able to enter Europe, until Orbán Viktor rightfully had the south border fence constructed. So you see, it is not just Fidesz passing word that Soros is evil, history and manuscripts prove the point too. Even the USA is now waking up to the reality as to what Soros is up to.

        • wolfi

          Your stupid lies aren’t funny anymore, little Nazi!

          • Pali

            No, you stupid German hypocrit, I am not a NAZI. Iam a complete disbeliever of NAZI faith. And the factual things I have just told you, are, in fact, very truthful. I moved to Hungary because I could not stand the lies and hate that the two countries I mentioned, namely England and France put forward. Germany had nothing to do with the 1st World War, in as much as they did not start it, even though they called on the DEVIL to help them in the second world war. Yet, along with Hungary, they got punished through the Trianon Treaty. Everything I say about Soros is truth. He is evil and is doing nothing but making money. Why do you think he is the tenth richest man in the world. Never worked physically in his life, yet, made billions from speculating, and injuring many, many people in the process. I’m not being funny, silly German. I’m being truthful and straight. I live my life on facts. Try it yourself. Ask your wife what the true Hungarian has gone through during the Communist and Socialist regime. My wife has suffered in many ways with her family through torture and death.

          • “Everything I say about Soros is truth. He is evil and is doing nothing but making money”

            What is bad about making money?
            Whorban and his minions do that every day, but you do not complain…

          • Pali

            Really, there is nothing wrong with making money. After all, we all went to work at sometime to earn money to live. Some earn more than others, but that depends on what they do. Yes, it all depends on how we make money and how we spend it. Soros makes money by speculation and gambling when the time is right. He has made his billions, fair dues, but the way he has achieved this, and what he spends it on, is another question. I don’t complain about Orbán Viktor. Infact, all he has done for this country he deserves a pat on the back and a big pay rise. You see, Obán Viktor is not the bad one, he is a helper of his country and people. Why people in the opposition parties run him and his government down so much, seems to me, not right. When you compare him with the Socialist leader, Gyurcsány, you can see where leadership lays. Gyurcsány made his billions of forints while in power, but no one has ever complained, even though they know how he made it. Soros on the other hand, people know what he is doing to make make money, but they don’t know how. The man is a danger to the world and would benefit people if he wasn’t around. His main objective is to flood Europe and the USA with migrants, to undermine the people and to plunge Europe and the USA into an economic crisis. It’s about his BET and his GAMBLE. Before his death, he wants to achieve power in money from the world. He is the tenth richest man in the world, but after this latest stunt, it won’t be long before he is the richest man in the world.

        • “The Builders and the Creaters were building a railway between Berlin and Bagdad to enrich Europe and Asia, then France, England and Russia (Russia was used to finance the project), created a war to stop the Berlin-Bagdad Railway”

          A wonderful sentence with no contradictions.

          And then complain that the Jew Soros wants to import a lot of Mohammedans into Europe is of course just the icing of that cake…

          • Pali

            Soros was born in a Jewish family, but is not a Jew. He is a self confessed atheist. If you don’t believe me, look up the Soros interviews on YouTube. He is a killer of mankind, just to make himself rich. The White house in the USA, are aware of what he is up to in America now, and realisation is now to the fore that Obama has been working with him, and is still doing the same even though he is no longer the President. I think you want to start reading the right manuscripts, watch the right news, and listen to the right people. You are being led down the wrong path, along with many many who really don’t know what is going on in the world.

  • d’oh

    So tired of Orban’s theatrics and delusions of grandeur. But instead of dropping this tedious Soros business he’ll probably just continue playing the unwelcome interloper when he meets with Benjamin Netanyahu, whose own issues with Soros are absolutely none of Hungary’s damn business.

    • Pali

      That is where you are wrong. What Soros is doing, has got everything to do with Hungary.

      • “What Soros is doing, has got everything to do with Hungary”

        In what sense?
        Being Jewish or what?

        • Pali

          You really can’t see it, can you? With Soros, it is not about him being a Jew or not, in respect to Hungary. What Soros is doing, is directing Illegal migrants into Europe, with explicit instructions about what and how to do. The EU has instructions from him, along with much money, and part of these instructions is for Hungary to dismantle the southern border fence, to allow these migrants through into Hungary so they can move to all corners of Europe. It is dangerous for Hungary, and dangerous for Europe, for reasons I have already mentioned. It is good news that the country does not want it, and a good thing we have a strong leader and government that does not want it to happen, for the safety of all concerned. Hungary is concerned about the implications that surround Soros, in as much that we don’t want to be led into a ruined country and our lives ruined, like the treaty of Trianon did to Hungary and Austria for no fault of our own.

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