July 12th, 2017

LMP turns to Constitutional Court over NGO registration law

The green LMP party has turned to the Constitutional Court with a submission requesting the nullification of the recently passed law on NGOs which requires civil groups to register themselves as foreign-financed organisations if they receive above 24,000 euros each year from abroad. LMP co-leader Ákos Hadházy told journalists before submitting the party’s request that the law did not promote transparency but rather “stamps certain organisations with an orange star”.

Hadházy stated that the law failed to conform to the conditions of legal certainty because it does not clearly define “support from abroad”. The law is also discriminative because it does not apply to any sport, political-party or church foundation, he said, adding that the law also threatens freedom of expression. The LMP politician said possible sanctions contained in the law, such as dissolving NGOs, were unjustified and unconstitutional.

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  • …and it must be A Good Question how money from other member states can be referred to as ‘foreign’, discriminating against money coming from EU-funds and/or other member states

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