July 14th, 2017

Jobbik submits complaint to Constitutional Court over billboard law

The Jobbik party has submitted a complaint to the Constitutional Court over the government’s law on political billboard advertising. Gábor Stadt, the party’s deputy group leader, told a news conference that 57 lawmakers had signed Jobbik’s petition, and this was a sufficient number for making a valid submission under Hungarian rules as well as “expressing political will”. Besides Jobbik MPs, 4 lawmakers from the LMP party, 25 from the Socialist Party and 4 independents sighted Jobbik’s petition for the court to review the law.

Staudt argued that parliament had failed to respond to concerns expressed by the country’s president, who sent the law back to lawmakers for reconsideration. In addition, passages which would normally need a two-thirds majority to pass under Hungary’s constitution were approved by a simple majority, he said. Further, the law provides for government bodies to monitor the financial management of political parties in place of the state auditor, the Jobbik politician complained.

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  • Gábor Stadt, the party’s deputy group leader

    Gabi is an ethnic German, previously active in the German National Minority Local Government in a district in Budapest, which just shows how the Soros network works…

    Just think if alien elements would be allowed to spread their propaganda in Hungary, that would be like if Fidesz would do the same abroad…oh, wait…
    With a parliamentary election in April 2018 drawing closer, 54-year-old Orban is expanding his political arsenal to include ethnic Hungarians like Kracsun through grants and heavily-subsidized loans to small businesses.

    • ViktorZorroban

      It’s all part of the Fidesznik Fairytale… Spending 5,625 trillion $ on FINA to show the world how majestic the Soviet Republic of Hungary is; and paying millions of huf to poor schmucks abroad so they can experience a tiny bit the splendor of the Putinist Magyar Dream.

      • Maybe Whorban should learn from China on how to build up football success (spoiler-alert – it is not about building too big but empty stadiums…)
        How China is Spending Billions to Conquer World Soccer

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