July 14th, 2017

Orban Courts Voters Outside Hungary With Grants, Cheap Loans – The New York Times

Antal Kracsun was about to convert a barn next to his house into a pigsty to make ends meet, when a Hungarian government grant gave his small welding business in northern Serbia a shot in the arm.

The 800,000-Serbian dinar ($7,600) grant under Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s cross-border stimulus program, for poorer, ethnic Hungarian regions in central Europe, enabled Kracsun to buy expensive welding machinery which would otherwise have been beyond his means.(…)

With a parliamentary election in April 2018 drawing closer, 54-year-old Orban is expanding his political arsenal to include ethnic Hungarians like Kracsun through grants and heavily-subsidized loans to small businesses.
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As a first step, Orban gave these ethnic Hungarians citizenship after a 2010 landslide, followed by voting rights. That helped Orban eke out a two-thirds parliamentary majority at the last election in 2014 as such voters overwhelmingly backed him.

Source: Orban Courts Voters Outside Hungary With Grants, Cheap Loans

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  • So, Fidesz-controlled funds are meddling in other countries internal business?
    Think if that would happen in Hungary?
    What would that be called…?

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