July 14th, 2017

Owner Pákh does not intend to part with Golgotha painting by Munkácsy

Hungarian-born American art collector Imre Pákh said in an interview to Magyar Idők that he had no intention of selling Golgotha, a monumental painting by the Hungarian 19th century master Mihály Munkácsy that the Hungarian state has repeatedly sought to buy. Pákh declared that Golgotha will be on permanent display at the Déri Museum in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, in light of a recent ruling by the Kúria, Hungary’s supreme court.

After a court rejected Pákh’s appeal, the Kúria ordered a retrial of his case against the state’s listing, which prohibits the removal of the work from Hungary and which has also handed the state pre-emption rights for its purchase. “With the knowledge of the Kúria’s decision, I removed the curtain” concealing the painting from public view, Pákh said.

State authorities listed Golgotha, part of Munkácsy’s Christ Trilogy, in 2015, shortly after Pákh announced the painting would be removed from the Déri Museum where it is on loan, displayed alongside its state-owned counterparts Ecce Homo! and Christ Before Pilate. The National Bank of Hungary had earlier offered to buy the painting for the state but Pákh refused the asking price. Pákh told Magyar Idők that although he had no plans to sell Golgotha, though this did not prevent any potential buyers from making offers for it.

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  • So, Fidesz is trying to deny a private owner his right to sell to the highest bidder…what do we call that – capitalism?

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