July 17th, 2017

Interstate deal signed to keep McDaniel College in Budapest

Hungary and the US state of Maryland have signed an interstate agreement to ensure the continued operations of McDaniel College in Budapest under Hungary’s amended higher education law, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó Said. The agreement signed with McDaniel College is the first one ensuring the continued operations of a non-EU foreign university in Hungary under the new law, Szijjártó noted. It stipulates that the college must award degrees to its students in Budapest as a US-accredited institution, the minister added.

McDaniel College was established in 1867. The private four-year liberal arts college has a 150-year-old campus in the city of Westminster in northern Maryland. It has 3,000 students in the US and 100 at its Budapest campus. The minister also met Maryland’s secretary of education and deputy secretary of commerce. Maryland is Hungary’s sixth largest export partner within the US, Szijjártó said, noting that annual trade turnover between the two states exceeds 250 million US dollars.

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  • National Hiphop

    Wow, an agreement with a US college that has 100 students in Budapest, merely to suggest that CEU should do it too… Peti, how petty can you get?

    • ViktorZorroban

      McDaniel College is from Maryland, a place nearly as holy as Hungary. CEU is registered the state of New York, a place full of drug addicts, gays, niggers, whores, liberals, drag queens, Jews and other sinners.

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