July 17th, 2017

Poll finds Jobbik supporters more tolerant of gay people than Socialist or Fidesz voters

An opinion poll administered by Medián about the acceptance of homosexuality among the supporters of political parties brought a surprising result as far-right/ radical nationalist Jobbik’s voters turned out to be more tolerant with gay people than the ones supporting the Socialists of the governing Fidesz party, reports Index.hu.

The poll was commissioned by Háttér Társaság (Background Society), an organization that supports LGBTQ people. It was made up of three statements regarding gay people, and the respondents with different party affiliations had to decide if they agreed or disagreed with these. The statements were: 1. The members of a same-sex couple can make good parents. 2. A child is better off with a same-sex couple than in the child protection system. 3. It should be made possible for same-sex couples to adopt the child of one of the partners.

It is hardly surprising that the most tolerant respondents were the supporters of the liberal Momentum party and the satirical Two-tailed Dog Party – 69% of the supporters of these two agreed with all three statements. The prospective voters of Együtt, LMP and the Democratic Coalition also proved to be considerably tolerant. The surprising part of the survey was that Jobbik’s voters turned out to be more accepting than those of the Socialist Party and Fidesz. For example, 45% of them agreed with the third statement, as opposed to 32% of Fidesz’s and 36% of the Socialists’s supporters. The bigger acceptance among the – supposedly – more radical party’s supporters may be explained by their younger average age.

Jobbik itself has cut down on its earlier homophobic rhetoric in the course of trying to become more mainstream as a “people’s party.” However, the party would still ban the Budapest Pride parade in case they got elected into government next year, as they said in a statement on the day when the parade was held.

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  • pantanifan

    Maybe a generational thing? MSZP and Fidesz = old parties and generally older voters. Jobbik = newer party, younger voters? Definitely true of Momentum supporters I would have thought…

    • ViktorZorroban

      Hungarians are old, wise souls. Even if they were born in the 2000s, they’re mental age is at least 115 yo – pre-Trianon!

    • wolfi

      I’m sure the results would be more interesting if the age of the people asked was included in the stats – sloppy work!

      But that would also give information away like:
      Which party has how many voters/supporters in which age group – and maybe Fidesz doesn’t want this to be known generally …

      • pantanifan

        Don’t think Fidesz can be blamed in this case?

        “The poll was commissioned by Háttér Társaság (Background Society), an organization that supports LGBTQ people”

        • wolfi

          OK, but it’s still sloppy work by Median if they didn’t consider the age of the inetrviewed!
          Or maybe they did, but it just wasn’t published?

    • olga

      you are right according to last month’s Pew research


      If younger voters favour JOBBIK, then Vona hugging kittens and puppies instead of scary looking MG types was a wise move on his part or his PR staff’s part

  • Pali

    Probably because most of the Jobbik party ARE brownies.

    • ViktorZorroban

      I’m really glad that Vona came out of the closet. I guess it became to small for him and his puppies.

      • Pali

        Vona has kept quiet all this time. Not just a Jobbik browner, but a browner dog lover too. Well, would you believe it????!!!!!!!!!

        • ViktorZorroban

          Pali, it’s so sad to see Hungarian birth numbers go down because 85% of the youngsters are gay.
          But let’s pray that these good village boys will still vote for our Glorious Leader, and not for Lajos “Geci Deep In Your Young Fidesznik Ass” Simicska’s Jobbik.

    • National Hiphop

      Don’t tell me you’re not crazy for brownies, old pal. You know you want some with your covfefe…

    • “brownies” like this Fidesz guy?

      • National Hiphop

        The Boss needed some cocaine up his nose right away.

  • FUCeausescu

    So, on balance about half of Hungarians would be OK with gay couples adopting a child.

    Irony is that among the ones who suport DK, doggie party and so on, most of who are overwhelmingly for such gay rights, they also overwhelmingly suport mass-colonization of Hungary and Europe with a population which is overwhelmingly homophobic, with most surveys showing that about 9/10 are against homosexuals, period!


    One cannot claim to be for both, because they are clearly mutually exclusive. It once more highlights the collective mental sickness of liberal ideology.

    • wolfi

      You’re just a one trick donkey (can’t say pony in your case …). These “migrants” also have to follow our rules – if not …

      • FUCeausescu

        I usually do not reply to a douch like yourself, but I will make an exception this time.

        “”migrants” also have to follow our rules – if not …”

        If not then what? For many of these guys spending a year or two in the five star European prisons is like a holiday. Good food, shelter and recreational activities, all for free. Sounds good compared with the hell-holes they left, which is why such deterrents tend to be ineffective. There is a practical reason why in their society punishments tend to be a lot harsher.

        Typical idiotic, gullible liberal thinking. I don’t think that there are many liberals on this planet that still live on our planet mentally-speaking. You just demonstrated that you are one of those who do not!

        • Bowen

          Don’t worry, because Hungary is way ahead of the rest of Europe! Hungary’s prisons are the most overcrowded, and squallid in Europe. Possibly because Hungary is a cess-pit, full of criminals and low-life scum, if you’re any example to go by.
          Hence, no self-respecting immigrant would ever want to come to Hungary.

        • wolfi

          How do you manage in Canada with your kind of “English”?

          a douch like yourself
          Oh, forgot that you moved to Trumpistan – of course you like it there, silly little fascist. Enjoy!

    • “with most surveys showing that about 9/10 are against homosexuals, period!”

      Funny that you did not link to that survey then…
      “Muslims overwhelmingly say that homosexual behavior is morally wrong, including three-quarters or more in 33 of the 36 countries where the question was asked.25”
      25 Certain verses of the Quran indicate that homosexuality is forbidden (Quran 26:165-66 and 7:80-4).

      • FUCeausescu

        Yeah! I know! In your alternate reality, the roughly 90% of Muslims who proclaimed that homosexuality is immoral, in fact think that gay marriage is a great thing. And the 1,200 women who were mass-molested or raped by gangs of misogynistic migrants in a single night in Germany, simply got a free gynechological examination in public, with a second, third, fourth, fifth opinion, unsolicited, but well-meaning. And the people killed or permanently handicapped in Nice, just a year ago? Well, there is a Mr. Viking mental solution to that as well! It was just a poor migrant who wanted to learn how to drive the truck in order to become a contributing member of society. Nice to have your very own alternate universe!

        • Yeah! I know! In your alternate reality, the roughly 90% equals three-quarters or more in 33 of the 36 countries where the question was asked…You are equally sloppy with financial data?

          I never ever argued against that Muslims in Conservative, Family-values oriented, countries are positive to things that fundamentalist Christians and Jews unite in – hatred for homosexuals and women/girls and strong support for a very Patriarch society.
          Next time, try to read your source…or maybe that is the problem?

          Now when you are so pro-Gay, what is your advice to Gay Muslims?

          • FUCeausescu

            In 33 out of 36 countries at least 75% see things that way. If you look at many of them in particular it goes well over 90%. Is this your fucking argument? Oh, it is not 90%, it might be 88.888888%. Seriously???? What fucking difference does it make? They are overwhelmingly homophobes!!!

            And my advice to gay muslims in the mainly muslim world is to hide it very well if they want to live. While in “Ileberal” Hungary people are debating gay marriage and the rights of couples to adopt, in the Muslim world, which you want to bring to Europe demographically, it is more along the lines of hanging, stoning or just throw them off the roof. Which one tickles the fancy of a homophobe like you?

          • “In 33 out of 36 countries at least 75% see things that way”

            Nice to see that you admit to have lied with your initial statement:
            “with most surveys showing that about 9/10 are against homosexuals, period!”

            So, the now so super pro-Gay Hungarian does not want to help even Muslim Gays, just tells them to do what they have to do in his favourite Christian Russia – “hide it very well if they want to live”…

            So, we who actually live in Europe – what should we do with these Christian Children Rapist aka Catholic Priests. That is what upsets Germany right now, but I suppose you do not read that in BreitFart.

          • FUCeausescu

            No, but I read all about how things are turning towards your homophobic hearth’s desire in Sweden. We could tell gays in ME-Africa to move to Europe, but what is the point? You also want to bring the homophobes along.


          • Wonderful! – your BreitFart hate piece:
            links to a Swedish broadsheet-article:
            where the victim claim:
            “Gabriel Chabo tror att männen som attackerade honom är syrianer precis som han själv. Han uppger att de talade svenska, syrianska och lite arabiska vid överfallet.”
            Google translates:
            “Gabriel Chabo believes the men who attacked him are Syrians just like himself. He states that they spoke Swedish, Syrian and a little Arabic at the assault.”

            And here is the problem – the Swedish word “syrianer” is translated into “Syrians”, but that is wrong, then we speak about ‘Assyrians’:
            Assyrian people (Syriac: ܐܫܘܪܝܐ‎), or Syriacs (see names of Syriac Christians), are an ethnic group indigenous to the Middle East. Some of them self-identify as Chaldeans, or as Arameans. They speak various dialects of modern Aramaic as well as another language, dependent on the country of residence. The Assyrians are typically Syriac Christians who claim descent from Assyria, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back to 2500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia.
            The Assyrians in Södertälje, where this crime happened, are all Christians. There are about 25.000 of them in that city, most from Tur Abdin in south-east Turkey, and they are well-known to promote hatred against Muslims, so they would be your friends…even if they obviously hate homosexuals.

            These are the guys from where Jesus came from and you think they are Muslims…just shows how little you know about other people.

            You cannot make this shit up!

    • Vidra

      Yes, that’s the irony of liberalism – you have to tolerate people who don’t share your opinions. Or do you think the likes of Messrs Zorroban and Wolfi “overwhelmingly support ” you as well?

      • FUCeausescu

        It is one thing to tolerate differing opinions, it is an entirely different thing to have one’s basic rights violated by those people, because of their opinions. Would you stand up in front of the 1,200 women molested by hordes of misogynistic scum in a single night in Germany and explain to them that they need to tolerate the fact that the hordes of hyenas unleashed on them by your liberal mental illness have a different view in regards to women, therefore they were brutally victimized? Would you stand up in front of gay people in Western Europe who increasingly say that they cannot hold hands in public, because it tends to invite attacks on them and tell them they need to tolerate this?

        Fact remains that you cannot continue to suport women’s rights, gay rights, religious rights and freedoms in Europe, while making Europe less tolerant in such regards by introducing colonists who do not share these values. Evidence shows that they are not compatible, therefore it has to be one or the other. Liberals like you clearly chose the latter (the colonists), while pretending to still give a fuck about all other liberal values, while in fact your choice is eroding those values and way of life.

        • Fact remains that you cannot continue to suport women’s rights, gay rights, religious rights and freedoms in Europe, while making Europe less tolerant in such regards by not actively defying/denying Kremlin’s effort to influence Europe to become more like Russia of today, which has three times more Muslims percentage-wise.

          The problem with Russia is of course that the most anti-Gay/women/whatever-rights are all Christians…

          • FUCeausescu

            You are changing the subject!

          • “FUCeausescu CarpathianViking • 2 hours ago
            You are changing the subject!”

            No, you are then this thread has nothing to do with refugees, just that your party, Fidesz, is the most homophobic in Hungary…

        • wolfi

          You really are aone trick asshole! That story about New Year’s Eve in Germany happened because the German police and public were not prepared – it has never happened again! There is a strict policy now in Germany – and violators are sent “home”!

          And btw, how many women are molested by “Christians” every day?
          And how many boys are molested by pedophile priests – not only Catholics btw. Just look up bishop Ball of the Anglikan Church – protected by the archbishop of Canterbury – he molested hundreds of boys – at least one of them killed himself because of this!
          And readup on the story of US Jesuits who sent known pedophiles to Alaska (!) because they knew that the Inuit in those small villages would not report them molesting their sons …
          Several dioceses of the Catholic Church tried to envade paying the victims by declaring bankruptcy – until the courts said: OK, then we’ll try to sell your churches and get the Vatican to pay …

          • FUCeausescu

            “You really are aone trick asshole!”

            I refer to that incident because it is now famous and undeniable in regards to what happened there. But it is not like other things have not happened before or after.

            Take this weekend incident for instance:


            “Police report that a group of around 1,000 teenagers and young men gathered on Saturday evening in the grounds of Schorndorf Castle, as the small town celebrated the second day of its week-long town fair. According to police, a large portion of the group had immigrant backgrounds.”

            So there you have it! We could also talk about the countless swimming pool incidents where migrants molested women and children, rapes, and so on. So no one trick here, just a convenient reference to something that not even a brainwashed useful idiot liberal like you can deny.

          • wolfi

            Schorndorf is near where I live in Germany – yes, there was a mixture of drunk young Germans and refugees – but it was more a kind of nuisance, no rapes, no murders (like in the good ol’ USA …). Shouldn’t you be more concerned when the homicide rate is around five times as high there as in Germany?

            And again:
            The famous boy’s choir Regensburger Domspatzen just had to acknowledge that hundreds of its members had been brutally punished and sexually molested by priests over the years – the whole cast of pedophiles was protedcted by the local bishop who btw was a brother of the former German pope …
            How’s that?
            The church is paying a few million € – of course in the USA that would have to be a few billion $ …
            You Christians are the real perverts – and homophobes, etc …

          • FUCeausescu

            “there was a mixture of drunk young Germans and refugees”

            And the names of those “young Germans”? Were they mostly called Herman, Albert, Alfred, Heinz? Or were they mainly called Ali, Mohamed, Abu? See? This is why I prefer to refer to the NYE incidents. It was of such magnitude that the reality of it was so hard to ignore and to omit reporting its details that shitheads like you cannot try to lie or distort, although they tried initially, remember?

            BTW there were sexual assaults, according to reports. As for the ones arrested so far? Afghans or Iraqis!

          • wolfi

            You’re really a one track idiot!

            This case and its reporting are again good examples of the lies of the “white supremacist” fake news – which you obviously believe …

            The one thing worse than a liar is a stupid liar – like you!
            On the other hand the examples of real Christian abuse that I gave are no problem for you – should we wish that your child meets a Christian priest like that?

          • FUCeausescu

            “This case and its reporting are again good examples of the lies of the “white supremacist” fake news – which you obviously believe …”

            I quoted thelocal.de. Hardly right wing. But I guess if they dare to report on anything that will not fit with your sick ideology, then they must now be “right wing, fake news”.

          • wolfi

            Did you really read that article – or did your crazy mind interpret ist?

            Three cases of “harassment” – that’s probably less than at any of your “white” parties …

            And again – originally this thread was about LGBT people , but for a one trick donkey like you …

          • Correction: This article originally stated that arrests had been made in connection with the sexual assaults. Four men are being investigated, but police have not confirmed any arrests.

            Basically no positive identifications have been made, so the nationality of anybody involved is hence pure speculation, but that is how FUC* likes it

        • Vidra

          Who said that tolerance should extend to violating the rule of law? It might to you look like Western Europe is full of Sharia Law and no-go areas but is that because you simply want an excuse not to cross the pomd or because you’re more of a mouse than a Magyar?

          • FUCeausescu

            I came to Europe with my family last summer. I have a small child. During that five week period over 100 people were killed in a number of terrorist attacks in Western Europe, in addition to countless people being maimed for life, you sick fuck! Do you think I should expose my wife and child to such sickness? Thankfully, I was behind the safety of the former iron curtain, where people are still normal, and yet to join the ethno-cultural suicide cult in the West. I flew through Amsterdam, where the day after I passed through there was a terror alert right at the airport. I figure the next time I “cross the pond”, I will fly to Warsaw or another East European destination. Don’t want my son blown to pieces, don’t want my wife molested, that makes me a loving family man, not a “mouse”. Eurostat data on 2016 tourism numbers confirms that more and more people agree with me. Foreign tourists to France declined by 9%, while in Eastern Europe every country saw an increase of 5-20%.

            Your sick ideology will be the downfall of the very society that your ideology has infected!

          • “join the ethno-cultural suicide cult in the West. I flew through Amsterdam, where the day after I passed through there was a terror alert right at the airport”

            Given that the decline for non-resident nights spent for 2016 declined for both France and the UK was only due to actual terror attacks, then this trend has nothing to do with “the ethno-cultural suicide cult in the West”, then basically in all other EU member states those nights increased:
            Of course Eastern Europe dwarfs “the ethno-cultural suicide cult in the West” when it comes to real numbers, but your point is about %, not real numbers.

            Given that yesterday the Police stopped all International trains in Hungary due to a ‘terror alert’, will you now avoid Hungary?

          • Vidra

            You’re probably too young to remember the 70s, when terrorist groups in almost every Western European country were killing innocent people, and the good ole USA was allowing its citizens to raise funds to support them openly and was making it as hard as possible for perpetrators who’d fled there to be extradited to face trial.

            Society didn’t collapse then and it won’t collapse now, because the vast majority of native Europeans won’t let the threat of terrorism affect their everyday lives and know that the vast majority of whichever race or social group the terrorists are drawn from don’t support them either. You probably stand more chance of being killed by an all-Canadian moose than being blown up in a terrorist attack on your next trip to Europe, butthat doesn’t give you a chance to bang the drum for the ethnic and moral purity of Orbánistan.

    • “Europe with a population which is overwhelmingly homophobic”

      But in Good Ol’ Christian Russia Homophobia is official:

  • It seems that if you on the EuroAsian continent Go East you will encounter more morally principle opinions, which does not seem to be related to religion…

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