August 1st, 2017

Fencing Federation Secretary General gave false report on migrant attacks in Leipzig – The Budapest Beacon

Secretary General of the Hungarian Fencing Federation Gábor Boczkó falsely reported multiple attacks by migrants in Leipzig, Germany, home of the 2o17 World Fencing Championships, on the news program of Hungarian national TV, reports…)

“Leipzig is a safe city where people can move freely both day and night,” said Leipzig City Council spokesperson Matthias Hasberg. “There is no way people need to move in the city in groups and solely before dark, not even Hungarian sportsmen. The Hungarian fencing team was accommodated in a hotel where many other teams resided during the time of the world championships. No complaint was filed for disorderly conduct, apart from the Hungarian team’s.”

Source: Fencing Federation Secretary General gave false report on migrant attacks in Leipzig – The Budapest Beacon

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  • Giovanni Marconi


  • Giovanni Marconi as a source. :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    • wolfi

      Little fascist wanker, f*ck off back to Orbanistan news!

    • National Hiphop

      If you don’t like it, maybe this not the site for you as they use it as a source quite often 😉 Hit the browner pastures, ragazzo…

      • wolfi

        Marconi is a Hungarian Fidesz propagandist – jut look at the creature’s disqus profile! The little fascist’s favourite word seems to be “libnaci” – kind of funny, a second rate leto copy …

        • National Hiphop

          Haha, haven’t read the good-old “libnazi” word here in a while. This bloke did not have much to say so far, anyway. He should keep it that way.

        • Illiberal Revolution

          And what’s your favourite word, dirty German nazi?

          • wolfi

            Since you:ve admitted here already that you admire Goebbels and Himmmler etc you should also admire me if you think I’m a Nazi!

  • ViktorZorroban

    Fencing… The word brings back glorious memories for True Hungarians.

  • FUCeausescu

    Yeah!!! So say some German officials. They also claimed that it was all quiet and “mostly uneventful” the night that 1,200 women were raped or molested in a number of German towns. It took five days to uncover that atrocity. Some small-scale events in Leipzig? We will never hear the truth about that. Apparently many Germans are even giving up on reporting incidents to the authorities, because they tend to be mostly dismissive. Like for instance when a man called in the rape of his girlfriend, while in progress.

    Between German authorities and the Hungarian Fencing Federation, it is in fact the German authorities who have a serious credibility problem, therefore I’d have to say it is unfair to automatically go by the claims of those authorities. Budapest Beacon is also not helping its credibility here.

    • “It took five days to uncover that atrocity”

      Now you are lying again.
      Local media reported about it the same night…

      Why has no other teams reported any what so problems during this fencing event in Leipzig?
      Hungarians have a problem when they are abroad.

      • wolfi

        Our FUC*er really is a one trick donkey …
        And its rantings always remind me:
        The one thing worse than a liar is a stupid liar!

        The best thing about the creature is really the fact that it lives so far away.
        It’s also funny in a way how the fake news sites are reporting day and night how bad life in Sweden and Germany is – that helps to keep the loonies away, we don’t need them!

  • Ahh, now I know what happened with the Hungarian Fencing Team…

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