August 2nd, 2017

Half of Hungarians cannot afford to spend a week away from home

Just over half of Hungarians could not afford to take a one-week annual holiday away from home last year, a summary of data compiled by Eurostat show. The 50.7% rate – for the population aged 16 or older – was over the EU average of around one.third, but a big improvement from just under 65% in 2010. The percentage of Hungarians who could not afford to take a one-week annual holiday away from home last year stood at 44.6% for families with two adults and a single dependent child and at just 33.4% for families with two adults and two dependent children.

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  • wolfi

    Of course the poor Hungarians are not supposed to leave home for a holiday – they have to care every day for the pigs and chicken they are raising for the Fidesz honchos.
    And it would be horrible if they or their children were to see how other people live – maybe even in other, more developed countries!

    Who cares about them anyway? Remember the Fidesz motto:
    If you have nothing then you are nothing!
    Just like in the good old days of Horthy …

  • Damien Dae

    And how many of those taking holidays can do it abroad?

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