August 2nd, 2017

Telenor launches “Digital Welfare” mobile internet package

Telenor on Tuesday launched a government-initiated internet service package tailored for people without a home internet access. The package, launched under the aegis of the government’s Digital Welfare Programme, is targeted at the 18% of the Hungarian population between the ages of 16 and 74 who are still not internet users, said CEO Alexandra Reich. Telenor is offering such subscribers affordable service as well as a mobile device with the package, she added. Telenor is the sixth telco to include a Digital Welfare package among its products, but the first to offer a mobile internet package.

Tamás Deutsch, who oversees the Digital Welfare Programme, noted that the rate of internet users among the Hungarian population had risen from 72 to 78% over the past year and a half. The increase was concurrent with reductions in the VAT rate on internet service as well as the launch of the Digital Welfare Programme, he added.

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