August 3rd, 2017

Gov’t backs Vojvodina economic development programme with HUF 9 billion

Hungary’s government has so far placed about 9 billion forints (EUR 29.6 million) in grants and credit with businesses in the framework of an economic development programme in Vojvodina, large ethnic Hungarian population, the state secretary for economic diplomacy said in Subotica (Szabadka). Levente Magyar offered an update on the support, part of a three-year 60 billion forint programme launched in 2016, signing contracts with local businesses in Subotica. The six signees will complete more than 10 billion forints of farm investments, he said. The programme, which has benefitted more than 6,200 businesses, targets the farm and tourism sectors as well as SME developments. It aims to reverse the migration trend among young people in the region.

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  • So Fidesz financially supports some people in a foreign country?
    Does that not make those receivers into ‘Foreign Agents’?
    They will have a Big Yellow Star on their farming clothes, and/or their equipment will have a huge label stating “Supplied with the money from Foreigners”?

    • Illiberal Revolution

      They are not foreigners, they are Hungarians.

      • Unlike this Swedish libturd who should be thrown out of Hungary.

      • Well, ethnic Hungarians in Serbia are obvious either not Serbian citizens or Serbian citizens. What kind of other citizenship they have is moot.

        As Serb citizens living in Serbia receiving foreign aid makes them into ‘Foreign Agents’ according to Fidesz’ own definition made into law in Hungary.

        So, will these ‘Foreign Agent’ ethnic Hungarian Serbian citizens wear a Big Yellow Star and drive around in German-made ‘agriculture machinery’ of the brand BMW/Mercedes with big labels “Supplied with the money from Foreigners”?

        • Illiberal Revolution

          What are you talking about? They are Hungarians, we are one nation, one state with one Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán

          • Nope, by accepting the 1947 Paris Treaty Hungary accepted that Serbia, as the legal successor of that part of Yugoslavia, rules over those ethnic Hungarians.

            And regardless citizenship, in Serbia rulez Serbian Rulez and feeding foreign money to typical 5th colons is the core of Fidesz/Kremlin’s ‘Foreign Agent’-concept.

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