August 3rd, 2017

Hungary’s transit zones are prisons where pregnant women are handcuffed and children go hungry –

The Hungarian government set up transit zones along the border as a place for those fleeing war to request international protection.

These transit zones operate as though they are located in a “no man’s land”. In other words, Hungarian law does not necessarily apply at these locations. Until now, we had no knowledge of what happens behind the gates of these transit zones because the public access to these areas is restricted.

We found two families in Serbia who fled the Hungarian transit zones. The respective heads of these families, Labib (L) and Mohamed (M) spoke to us of humiliating treatment, prison-like conditions, and starving children.

Source: Hungary’s transit zones are prisons where pregnant women are handcuffed and children go hungry

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  • FUCeausescu

    “The Hungarian government set up transit zones along the border as a place for those fleeing war to request international protection.”

    What better way to start a propaganda article than to tell a lie?

    Not a single migrant entering Hungary is fleeing war, because there are no wars on Hungary’s borders. If they are originally from a war zone, they stopped fleeing that war the moment they reached a safe part of their country or a neighboring country. From there to Hungary, they most likely passed through multiple safe countries, which means that they are now looking for the gravy train.

    • ViktorZorroban

      Exactly! These so-called refugees are just economic refugees, wanting to leave their miserable homeland behind.

      • FUCeausescu

        The people in the picture crossed into the first safe country, namely Austria. They did not demand the right to roam around Europe like herds of caribou, in search for the best asylum offer. They mostly waited in camps until they were offered asylum, which actually proves my point, not the one you are trying to make. There is a big difference! Not that a moron like you could understand that difference!

        • Most Syrians wait in the surrounding countries in conditions that prevent them from working, sending their children to school, etc. After many years in these camps or living with relatives, without any viable future they want to move on.

          How many of these 1956 and later Hungarians actually stayed and integrated into Austria?
          Firstly ONLY about 200.000 fled.
          Compared to Syria, that is just the refugees from one city in Syria…so any comparison to what happened in Austria is moot.

          Also, the Austrians did not want to keep the Hungarians and worked hard to get rid of them and succeeded mostly – the problem was the minority women and children, then very few 3rd countries accepted anything else but young men.

          And Hungarian refugees in Austria were as any refugee today:
          – they did not like the food,
          – they complained about the housing conditions,
          – they demanded expensive medicins,
          – they plotted to build up armed resistance and political organisations, which created a huge security concern for Austria,
          – and some Hungarian refugees were involved in subversive activities against the Austrian State.

          If we today look at the consequences of the refugee situation for Syria’s neighbouring countries, like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, we can see that all of them have been much more affected than Austria ever was – and as, unlike 1956 and the few years after, very few refugees has been given any chance to improve their situation – neither being able to move back (fights/killing still continuing after 6 years), or being able legally to move forward – as the Hungarian 1956 refugees were allowed to.

          But in the eyes of many Europeans – these Hungarian refugees were just economical migrants trying to create a better situation for themselves, then they should have stayed in Austria…

        • ViktorZorroban

          FUCeausescu, are you insane? The people on this picture were liberal freedom fighters, going against our Russian friends. People like these are the shame of the nation!
          Let’s praise the Brave Soviets, as they are the Saviors of Fidesznikistan!

          • wolfi

            Wouldn’t life be perfect if we send all these admirers of Illiberalism to Russia where they can live happily ever after?

            I have a small list – additions are accepted …

            Burka, FUC*, illiberal idiot, leto, olga, pali, …

          • FUCeausescu

            Nah!!! Nicest thing would be if all Western self-loathing liberals looking to commit collective ethno-cultural suicide, would just commit suicide, instead of pushing their sick agenda on everyone else.

          • seinean

            Ehei, puiule – nu mor caii cand vor cainii 🙂

          • FUCeausescu

            Nice saying, but irrelevant to this discussion. The liberal-globalist mentality of self-loathing-induced desire for mass cultural suicide is akin to what we see with suicide cults everywhere. Those who desire it and are committed to it tend to take everyone else with them, including those who change their minds, or were never into it in the first place. So, all I am saying is that it would be more fair for all of you to just off yourselves, than to impose it on an entire society, which includes many who do not wish it.

            The relevant Romanian saying would be “sa moara si capra vecinului”, which is how you guys behave.

          • Bowen

            Thanks for building that nice fence around Hungary, in order to keep the miserable Hungarians in. The last thing we want is them spreading to happier, nicer countries.

          • seinean

            Te saying was in connection with your wish for the liberals to commit suicide.
            It is however strange that someone like you – who experienced life as a a member of a culturally solid minority and now lives in a multicultural society – is so scared that the European societies might get changed by mass immigration – which actually does not happen.

          • FUCeausescu

            So many lies, all in one post. Here is just one example:

            “European societies might get changed by mass immigration – which actually does not happen.”

            It is happening and it is happening constantly. Take Netherlands society for instance, where they were leaders in gay rights. Now they still have those legal rights, but are now scared to walk down the street holding hands. And this while the Muslim community still makes up less than 10% of the population.


            Ironic that one can now see gay couples holding hands in “ileberal” Hungary, but not so much in liberal Netherlands. So how is that about “not changing”??? I for one would not be comfortable walking with my wife at night in most of those “nice” West European towns, while I had no problem doing so in Romania. Just a decade ago, one would have never thought such a switch would happen. Not to mention that at this rate ME-Africans are likely to become the majority population in most of Western Europe, followed by native ethno-cultural extinction. For you, of course that is not a change, because you are a globalist. The extermination of native cultures is just a means to the grand utopia of a homogenized world. As a Romanian, mass colonization also does not represent demographic change, because then you would have to admit that the mass-colonization that you guys subjected Transylvania to, was in order to destroy its multi-ethnic nature, in other words to change it.

            So, given my background I actually have every reason to oppose mass-colonization. I already experienced its success in changing demography and culture.

          • seinean

            Trasylvania still has and will preserve a multi-ethnic nature even if cowards like you left for greener pastures.

            Mass colonization is in your mind not in Transylvania. Your mind is mass-colonized with illiberal/fascist/nationalist ideas. Now go hide under a blanket out of fear of those different from you and out of fear of what future may bring.

          • FUCeausescu

            “Mass colonization is in your mind not in Transylvania.”

            I already called you on a lie, which I see you did not bother to comment on. Now you serve up another one, even more ridiculous:


            That document in regards to Tirgu Mures in 1985, discussing how much more needs to be done to achieve a Romanian majority there, says it is part of history, not just in my mind as you tried to suggest. It was a process which brought about 30,000 Romanians into Tirgu Mures in order to destroy the ethnic cohesion of a minority. It was a process carried out all over Transylvania. Brasov is often referred to by many Romanians I know as “Iasov”. I am not at all surprised that you support global homogenization through mass-colonization, since you evidently also suport what you guys did in Romania. And you dare to call me “fascist”, you piece of *****!

          • seinean

            Yes ! The communists had the perverse way of “destroing” the Hungarian community by making investments in areas where there was a Hungarian majority. Gee – if they woudn’t invest in the area that would still be considered as an act against the Hungarian community. They “mass colonized” Transylvania by adding-up to it’s industrial infrastructure. Quite a heavy state-subsidized “colonization”.
            I’ll just rise above your stupid insults and not follow-up with this thread, but it is good to know that you keep on crunching numbers on a distant shore from here. Good. You are at the right place and distance. Stay there.

          • FUCeausescu

            Wow!!! How fucking cynical you can be? The 1985 document clearly refers to how many more Romanians were needed to be brought in, in order to achieve demographic majority, and you fucking talk about development? You fucking chauvinist prick!

    • Where in any International Treaty that regulates “international protection” is it stated that “stopped fleeing that war the moment they reached a safe part of their country or a neighboring country”?

      Does that mean Hungary MUST take in 50 million Ukrainians when Kremlin starts its big offensive, then all these 50 millions cannot be allowed to continue, then Hungary is the first safe haven?

      • FUCeausescu

        Yes, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Belarus would be obliged to offer them temporary shelter, in the absence of safe areas in Ukraine. The right thing for the world to do would be to contribute to the camps financing, as it currently does in other areas. And no, they should not be allowed to roam through Europe like herds of caribou, asylum shopping, but they should be given some opportunities to apply by third countries, which usually does tend to happen. It is the only way to maintain some order in such situations. What is so hard to understand about any of this?

        Hungary did house refugees from Yugoslavia in the past. I met some of them.

        • “they should be given some opportunities to apply by third countries, which usually does tend to happen”

          How many from Syria did actually immigrate ‘legally’ (or ‘regularly’, which is the formal term) to the EU in the last years?
          The demand for ‘immigrating regularly’ is of course sitting in an official UN-administered refugee camp in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey and applying to where?

          Yes, you will mention the US and Canada, but here we speak about Europe/EU – so how do you actually immigrate ‘regular’ or ‘legal’ as you would call it to the EU, requesting ‘International Protection’ for you and your family?

          • FUCeausescu

            The migrant-adopting country relationship needs to be one of mutual consent. And migrants do not migrate to the EU, because the EU is not a country. It is up to individual countries to decide who and how many they want to take in. Yes, life in those camps is awful and the international community bears responsibility for that, but they were relatively safe in places like Turkey, so hard to claim they had the right to continue on violating sovereign borders. Foolish EU officials made that claim initially, and they had to introduce the Turkey-EU deal to try to fix it.

  • Illiberal Revolution

    Time to give Index a lesson they deserve!

    • ViktorZorroban

      Exactly! There’s no place for dissidents in Hungary. Let’s ask our Soviet friends to smash these liberal freedom fighters like they did in 1956!

    • National Hiphop
      • Illiberal Revolution

        Fuck you asshole!

        • Vidra

          I didn’t know that was the kind of act that illiberal Hungarian guys like you went in for.

    • anti-communist

      They should execute all of them, burn the building and shut down the internet. Who cares they are telling the truth? Hungarians don’t gave a shit about the truth. They want to worship their Führer and say thankful prayers every night they life in the same era as the greatest Hungarian of all time.

      • Illiberal Revolution

        They should be happy we let them breathe Hungarian air!

        • wolfi

          How much for a liter of clean Hungarian air?

          Of course the problem is that with all those old Trabants still running and many Hungarians burning coal and plastic (whatever to keep them warm …) clean Hungarian air is hard to come by!

          • Illiberal Revolution

            Ask your Jewish grandmother !

          • wolfi

            So now I’m a Nazi with a Jewish grandmother?
            Not very inventive nor logical, little fascist loonie …

  • Marta Burka

    I do not believe it.

  • Marta Burka

    I have checked around with people who have relatives in Hungary and those who have traveled there recently. They said all children in Hungary seem to be well taken care of and happy.. A couple of people said it was the only country they toured where they saw adults give up their seat to children. Hungarians love children and there is no way they would starve babies or miss treat children.

    Some Hungarian relatives, who live near the border said that you should see the food these people throw away.

    The overall opinion was that these families were not given asylum so they decided to lie so they get sympathy. If holding areas were so bad, all people would return to Serbia not just two families.

    It is amazing how easily people are duped by migrants who lie. I bet there was no proof of any kind of maltreatment. Hungary did not invite these migrants, and if things would have been so bad, all the migrants would return to Serbia or the migrants would try the Croatia route or Italy..

    • Bowen

      Excellent points, and thank you for uncovering the truth at last.

      I have also done some rigorous research, and I have checked with people who have relatives who are acquainted with people who say they have spent a weekend in Budapest, and once downloaded some Hungarian porn. They also agree that children in Hungary are the happiest in the world, and that every child skips and sings for joy all day long.

  • Géza

    Hungary is doing the right thing! Those people shouldn’t be in Hungary or any European country in the first place. All of those are scammers and just economic migrants. Even the UN and the EU admit this fact. All of them came through more then 3 safe countries before reaching Hungary, so by international law they don’t have any right for asylum anymore! This whole third world immigrantion is pushed for political reasons! The end of white Europe is the goal! Read the book of the big hero and example of many “leaders” (like Merkel and Juncker) Coudenhove Kalergi. That is the plan and Hungary in their view must become the multi ethnic multicultural hell hole many Western European countries became.

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