August 4th, 2017

Parliament’s national security committee meets after Fidesz no-show on Monday

Parliament’s national security committee held a special session on Thursday, following a no-show of Fidesz-KDNP at a meeting on Monday. The Thursday session, held behind closed doors, had several subjects on its agenda, including security of high-profile sports events, the government’s residency bonds scheme, as well as cyber protection of the country’s election system. Szilárd Németh, deputy head of the committee delegated by the ruling Fidesz party, told a press conference after the meeting that the last subject, which had not been included in the agenda for Monday, was a “crucial issue”, on which a debate was “justified”.

He insisted that the Monday session would have “served the interests of George Soros” and its agenda had been based on “rumours” and “malevolent lies by the opposition”. Concerning recent, international events held in Hungary, Németh said that in light of the level of security ensured “Hungary has showed the image of a most secure country”. He argued that “none of the earlier organisers of a world aquatics championship had scored as high as Hungary in terms of security at the events”.

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