August 4th, 2017

Small Transylvania Brewer Stood Up to a Beer Giant, and Survived – The New York Times

Less than a month after Hungary’s intervention and without explicitly linking their action to it, Heineken and Mr. Lenard’s company agreed to coexist peacefully and drop all related legal actions. “We recognized the emotional value of the Csiki brand name to its brewers and consumers, as well as to its stakeholders in both Romania and Hungary,” John-Paul Schuirink, director for global communication at Heineken, said in an email. He added that the company would use all means to defend its red-star logo.

Even before Hungary intervened, the legal battle was heralded as the struggle of a small local producer against a corporate behemoth, echoing the long legal dispute between Anheuser-Busch and the Czech brewery Budejovicky Budvar. But mostly, it played to popular skepticism and sometimes overt government hostility toward multinational companies and their products in Central and Eastern Europe.

Source: Small Transylvania Brewer Stood Up to a Beer Giant, and Survived

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  • Sadly the fight initself and the victory for Csiki (which would not been able out of Court without Fidesz medling in another country’s internal businesses) have not made the beer taste better…

    • National Hiphop

      Indeed, it tastes awfully mediocre for a small brew. Much ado about piss beer.

      • Yes, just waiting for Fidesz to declare war against Dreher as Imperial Habsburg MultiNational beer (you can find it in Italy) and promote Köbanya – this nice Hungarian variant of Csiki.

        On the other hand some well-known Fidesz guy Mr M bought Pecs Sörföszde, so maybe Saloon beer will be the new Dreher?
        That purchase is the reason that Hungarian ‘micro-breweries’ will have an allowed limit for much lower taxation that, out of coincidence of course, mirrors the output of Pecs Sörföszde brewery…
        Normally any real micro-brewery has about 1/1000 of that output, but this is Hungary, where ‘mikro’ means ‘big’, at least if you are Fidesz.

        • National Hiphop

          Yes, read about the “Lex Matolcsy Brewery” myself. Business as usual, I’m afraid 🙁

    • olga
  • ViktorZorroban
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