August 7th, 2017

Fidesz-tied oligarchs now control all 18 regional daily newspapers – The Budapest Beacon

Russmedia CEE, eastern Hungary’s most important publishing company, has been sold to a business interest closely connected to the ruling Fidesz party. With the sale, each of Hungary’s 18 daily county newspapers is now owned by Fidesz-connected oligarchs, either directly or indirectly. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Orbán promises an assault on what little remains of independent media in Hungary.

Source: Fidesz-tied oligarchs now control all 18 regional daily newspapers – The Budapest Beacon

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  • wolfi

    The Nazis called this “Gleichschaltung der Presse”.
    My uncle, who wasn’t “linientreu”, was sent to the Russsian front though officially journalists were UK = Unabkömmlich, did not have to serve in the military, but that didn’t help him …
    He disappeared without at trace, my grandparents never got to know where and when and how he died and how his remains were “disposed of” …
    The Red Cross had a special search service after the war but they couldn’t help either.
    Now let’s wait for Fidesz’ next move after the introduction of the “Patriotic Physical Education” with weapons etc – evry school might get a gun range, wonderful times!

    • Illiberal Revolution

      Are you comparing Fidesz to the Nazi party, little German Nazi?

      • CG Walkman

        Many similarities with the early Nazis.

      • wolfi

        You’re the one who wrote that you admired Goebbels and Himmler here – forgot already?
        And I could quote other things you wrote which are from the Nazi vocabulary like “Rassenschande” – don’t you remember?
        And since you’re a typical Fidesznik the rest follows easily …

        • Illiberal Revolution

          You are wrong like always. I never write any Nazi vocabulary.

          • wolfi

            You’re funny!

            Having a brain malfunction that makes you forget what you wrote yesterday?

            Illiberal Revolution wolfi • 3 days ago

            Ask your Jewish grandmother !
            Not too much OT:
            (In)famous Neonazi Zündel who lived in Canada until he was thrown out and delivered to Germany where we put him into jail for a few years, just died …

  • Illiberal Revolution

    Good! Hungarian media should be in Hungarian hands!

    • National Hiphop

      You mean in the hands of the Orbán Mafia, my little imbecile Pöri.

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