August 7th, 2017

Russian deputy PM threatens Romania, Hungary with sanctions for not being allowed to fly through headed for Moldova

Russian deputy prime minister Dmitri Rogozin threatened to put sanctions on several countries involved in the banning his airplane from Romania’s airspace as well as preventing it from landing in Hungary. Rogozin tried to fly to Moldova by taking a detour as Ukraine does not allow Russian aircraft in its airspace at all, reports

Rogozin tried to approach Moldova, which is completely surrounded by Romania and Ukraine, by flying through Belorussia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary before entering Romania. However, Romanian authorities denied his airplane permission to enter the country, as there are personalized sanctions in force against him in the EU. Because of this, permission to land in Budapest was also denied to him.

Rogozin told the Rossija 24 news agency that he will try and find out, which persons were responsible for these decisions, so that Russia can make personalized sanctions against them. The deputy prime minister already submitted an official protest to Romanian authorities. Rogozin was headed for the so-called Republic-by-Dniester, i.e. Moldova’s territories occupied by Russia, as a matter of fact.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Rogozin knows that Hungarians will love Russians forever after they smashed the liberal freedom fighters in 1956, but he should realize he’s not Putin. When was the last time he did put some billions in the deep pockets of our Glorious Fidesznik Leaders?

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