August 8th, 2017

Politics Can Be Different’s youth chapter would lower voting age to 16 – The Budapest Beacon

Politics Can Be Different’s (LMP) youth chapter “The Future Can Be Different” would broaden the electorate by giving the right to vote for those above 16, reports Magyar Nemzet. LMP’s youth chapter would introduce new voters gradually, first in the municipal and European Parliamentary elections and local referendums, then an electoral cycle later in the in the general elections and national referendums.

Source: Politics Can Be Different’s youth chapter would lower voting age to 16 – The Budapest Beacon

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  • Pali

    Voting age down to 16. My god, what is going on in this day and age? Some years ago, the age of consent was at 21 years, which meant one couldn’t buy a packet of cigarettes under 21, one couldn’t buy a glass of beer in or out of a pub, one couldn’t vote under 21, one couldn’t be called up for conscription under 21, and I dare say there were others. Then it came down to 18, and all the things a 21 could do, they could do at 18. This included sex and marriage. Now it is proposed to bring the age down to 16. WOW. If another war starts, 16 year olds will go to die at 16, 16 year olds will be having legal sex and getting married, 16 year olds will be buying cigarettes getting ready for a premature death, 16 year olds will be taking to drugs and drinking, 16 year olds will be taking to the streets being fed up with living with their parents, and to top it all, 16 year olds will have the right to vote on something they know nothing about. Please let youngers grow up properly and enjoy the early years of their short lives. Please allow youngsters to grow up and learn more about how to live and learn what life is about. The age of consent was lowered in a few countries to allow more voters, and the possibility to engage more available youngsters in military action. This is not life for the young, it is destruction and heartache not just for the youngsters but also the parents. WAKE UP:

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