August 9th, 2017

Farm Ministry: test shows “double” EU food standards

“Discrepancies have been revealed” in about a third of 39 identically labelled food products sold in Hungary and in western Europe in the latest quality tests ordered by Farm Minister Sándor Fazekas, the ministry said. The discrepancies characterising products generally consumed in the summer “confirm the existence of double quality standards within the European Union”, the ministry said.

The National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) tested 23 packaged products used for barbecues, eight alcoholic drinks and fresh drinks and eight types of vegetable and fruit over the past two months. The list of ingredients shown on the packaging differed in the case of four food products and two alcoholic drinks, and sensory tests showed differences in the case of five packaged products despite identical ingredients shown on the packaging, the ministry said. All vegetables and fruit surveyed met the current quality requirements but significant differences were reported in the case of champignon sold in Hungary and in western Europe, it added. The Hungarian government has drafted a bill seeking to compel multinational companies to declare differences in quality or ingredients to consumer information on the labels of products sold in Hungary.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    I totally agree with our Fidesznik leaders. The products sold here should have a label that shows if it’s suitable for “Poor Hungarian Overweight Drunks.”

  • wolfi

    Are these guys really that stupid?
    Of course tastes are different – Hungarians often prefer the sickly sweet stuff, CocaCola e g uses HFCS (corn syrup) instead of sugar – like in the USA.

    And price is also an important factor – often Hungarians are not willing (or rather not able …) to pay the higher price for quality products.
    Every time we go to Germany I have a large list of foods to bring to Hungary – but the same goes for the other direction: We bring a lot of Hungarian foodstuff to our family and friends in Germany.

  • The main question is if you sell a product to a Sovereign or The EU?
    If the latter, then Fidesz complaint is correct, at least of the manufacturer is inaide the EU – ic not, it may be a total different ball-game.

    It is interesting that Fidesz is trying to regulate this alledged behaviour via Hungarian Legislation, then a more proper course of action would be to turn to the European Commission, then this alleged malpractice affect sevel member states. But maybe Fidesz is not after solving any problems, just creating new ones…

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