August 9th, 2017

Socialist MEP slams Jobbik’s EU wage union campaign

Socialist Party MEP István Ujhelyi described radical nationalist Jobbik’s campaign for a European Union wage union as “mendacious demagoguery”. Wages are not regulated by the European Union so the party’s European civic initiative for the wage union will have no consequences even if enough supporting signatures are collected, he told a press conference in Budapest. Wages in Hungary should indeed catch up with EU wages but this will only be possible if Hungary has a good government, he added.

Ujhelyi said that despite Jobbik politicians claiming the opposite, posters promoting the wage union initiative throughout Budapest are part of a Jobbik campaign. He added that only a few years ago, a Jobbik deputy was burning an EU flag at an event where party leader Gábor Vona called for a referendum on Hungary leaving the EU. Ujhelyi accused Jobbik and Fidesz of wanting to lead Hungary out of the EU “hand in hand” and said that Vona and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán only want the EU if they can profit from it.

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