August 11th, 2017

Liberals call on capital to name starting date of Metro 3 renovation

The mayor of Budapest has promised that work on renovating the city’s third metro line would start in September yet there are no signs of this happening, a Liberal Party politician said. Viktor Szabadai, the party’s Budapest leader, called on the metropolitan council to state exactly when work would begin. He said that the city currently did not have enough replacement buses or drivers for the line which serves more than half a million commuters, and he called on the council to clarify where they intend to get the vehicles and drivers from. The Liberal politician also pointed out that trains lacked air conditioning and not all stations would be wheelchair-accessible.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    I don’t see the problem… Hungarian are True Soviets, and nothing makes them happier than to start and end their day with a ride in a glorious Russian death car.

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