August 11th, 2017

LMP slams Interior Ministry’s draft surveillance bill as “Big Brother law”

The Interior Ministry is preparing to submit a bill to parliament which would enable the mass surveillance of Hungarian citizens and allow authorities to collect and store their data in a central database, green LMP said, citing a leaked draft bill. Ákos Csarnó, LMP’s spokesman, told a press conference the interior ministry was preparing “a new Big Brother law” under which it could widely surveil its own citizens. He called it unbelievable that surveillance footage captured by law enforcement, public area inspectors, transportation services, road toll operators and public road operators would be stored in a central database under the proposed law.

Even hotels would be required to store their guests’ personal details, which is unconstitutional, Csarnó stated. Rather than aid counterterrorism efforts and the work of law enforcement, such a law would only increase their workloads, he said, adding that LMP had turned to Interior Minister Sándor Pintér in the matter and would enquire about the draft bill at next month’s meeting of parliament’s national security committee.

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