August 11th, 2017

LMP urges Fidesz and Jobbik to support package to help FX borrowers

The green LMP party has called on Fidesz-KDNP and Jobbik to support its proposal aimed at helping troubled forex borrowers. LMP spokesman Máté Kanász- Nagy said that under his party’s proposal, to be discussed at an extraordinary session of parliament, evictions of forex mortgage holders would be stopped. He added that some 60,000 families were facing evictions, while some 10,000 such procedures were already under way.

Meanwhile, commenting on press reports suggesting that heads of large state companies could be granted premiums of up to 80% of their annual income, the spokesman said that those “shameless” bonuses should be scrapped “unless railway or post office clerks, guards or delivery people are granted them too”. Answering a question about another press report suggesting that staff at government agencies had doubled since 2010, Kanász- Nagy said that Fidesz lied when it had pledged a smaller bureaucracy.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    I don’t see the problem
    1) If you have nothing then you are nothing!
    2) Red tape is the foundation of a true Soviet state.

  • Pali

    Lets face it, some people are stupid and lack the ability to think. A case of wanting, wanting, wanting is usually the downfall of many a people. In my early days, I was taught to save if I wanted to buy something I wanted, and this tuition paid off. A lot of people, especially younger ones want things now, and just cannot wait. However, sometimes we need to take out a loan, but not so much that it cannot and will not be paid back. If someone takes out a loan on a house or car, the provisions are that they will lose the house or the car if they cannot pay the loan back. It is not up to the government to bail these loans out, the onus is on the one who takes out the loan. I believe most of these forex loans were taken out during the Socialist government under Gyurcsány. I would even go as far as to say that the ones taking the loans out were socialists. The socialist backers then got away with a lot, like free or cheap flats to live in and so on. It seems to me, they, the socialist were seriously expecting the Socialist to get back into power 2010 and beyond, so their loans would be safe. Didn’t work though, did it. Now they are in trouble of losing everything, they scream at the Fidesz government to bail them out. Shame on you all. Why don’t you all approach your friend Gyurcsány, and get him to help you out, from the hoards of money he pinched from the state while he was in power.

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