August 11th, 2017

Sebastian Gorka, the West Wing’s Phony Foreign-Policy Guru – Rolling Stone

Critics charge that Gorka’s hyperbole and his hands-off relationship with the truth have lately sent his stock skyrocketing with the president. Renowned for his disdain for the media and his blithe readiness to defend Trump to the last tweet, Gorka – who apparently tools around Washington in a Mustang with a license plate that reads ART [OF] WAR – has become a nearly ubiquitous presence on television and radio as a spokesman for the White House. “Did you see Gorka?” Trump reportedly said after Gorka took part in figurative fisticuffs on CNN. “So great. I mean, really, truly great!”

Source: Sebastian Gorka, the West Wing’s Phony Foreign-Policy Guru

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  • Illiberal Revolution

    Vitéz Gorka, The pride of Hungary.

    • ViktorZorroban

      Orban doesn’t need 100 Gorkas but just 1 Szilard Nemeth to show the world what ugly, fat, drunk mothafuckas Hungarians are.

      • wolfi

        Reminds me of my favourite joke – especially for leto and its groupie olga:
        How do you realise someone is a Tiszta Magyar?
        It’s easier to jump over him than walk around him …

        Back to reality:
        In most health rrelated aspects Hungarians are among the worst in the EU and the government is doing nothing, no money for the health system, only for sports and “military education” …
        We just brought a friend to a run down hospital – the people are trying, but in that environment you get frustrated easily and so many are thinking about leaving, either to the West or to Ikea …

        • Pali

          All you NAZI, SOCIALIST and COMMY’S are pieces of dirt, and really cannot understand what is going on in Magyarország. This is the best, safest and economically sound country in Europe, yet you insistently joke and take the mick out of it. You yourselves are a bunch of losers, and the ruination not just of Hungary, but of the whole of Europe as well. It is not the problem of the Hungarian people that is to blame for things going wrong in Hungary, but the ones that call themselves Hungarian people, the left overs from the old communist regime. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and help to pick the country up as is Orbán Viktor and his loyal government. This also includes Nazis like you to stop running the country down all the time. Germany is far from a perfect country.

          • wolfi

            You mean giving monopolist tobacco shops to Fidesz honchos aka ” the licence to print your own money” means loyalty to the Hungarian people?

            And taking the taxpayers’ money to build stadiums and model railways instead of hospitals too?

            Do you know that life expectancy in Hungary is now among the lowest in the EU – while the suicide rate is the highest!

            Yes Fidesz is successful – in destroying Hungary’s future!

          • Pali

            You are so, so wrong. It is not the Fidesz party that is ruining the future of Hungary. Fidesz is and has been the strength that is building and making Hungary strong, economically, and a country well worth living in. The destruction of Hungary’s future began with the years of Communism and the follow up of Socialism. By 2010, Hungary had had enough of Socialism. The country took on a Democratic government that promised to build and make Hungary safe and secure. They have kept their promise, and deserve the praise they are given. That’s the second time you have mentioned tobacco shops, but the word means nothing. If Fidesz offered any decency to the people they would close all the tobacco shops down, to save the lives of all nicotine druggies, and help the non smokers to live a better smoke free life. This government is interested in the welfare and wellbeing of its people.Sport is in the interest of overweight and unhealthy children and young adults. This will also curb the unnecessary early deaths and the use of many hospital beds that can been used for more serious and genuine cases. The hospitals are doing quite well thank you – wages are on the rise, and more care is there for the patients. When I see with my own eyes people walking the streets over eighty, and the same taking part in physical attributes like swimming and walking, I tend to disagree with you wholeheartedly. Besides, life expectancy in this time is mainly due to obesity, smoking, laziness, over drinking (alcohol), and drugs. Now you can begin to understand what the Fidesz government is doing, by offering physical opportunities to keep weight down, trying to curb smoking by keeping the selling down to certain places, watching the food that is consumed in schools etc.. If you take the poplar in general in every country, suicide rate is practically the same throughout the world. A lot of suicides are created by anxiety, which in turn they turn to drugs and amphetamines, and alcohol to stave off pressure. Most of anxiety is created from past and childhood, and is usually very difficult to cope with. Life change, different eating habits, exercise, and change of place and atmosphere could be the solution. Perhaps you are one of these unfortunates, and cannot help yourself. If you are, then I feel sorry for you.

          • Illiberal Revolution

            This Nazi idiot wolfj is jelaous that Hungary regained it’s sovereignty in 2010, while Germany is an irrelevant puppet state since 1945.

          • Pali

            Yes my friend, Germany has been a dictatorship since the end of the World War II, and has got worse and worse. Hungary is a far better country than Germany, and this government certainly looks after the people and safeguards them with good security. This Wolfi is a piece of dirt, married to a Hungarian Socialist, and cannot keep his hands and mind off of the Hungarian politics. I just cannot stand a person who spends all his time criticizing another country when that person’s country is in a worse state.

          • “Germany has been a dictatorship since the end of the World War II”

            Interesting statement – means that you saw the Hitler-period (1933-1945) as True Democracy and not the dictatorship non-Nazis sees it…and then you complain about “Jobbik” being Nazi.

          • Pali

            I was refering to the post war period, but as you refer to the period between 1933-1945, yes, that was a period of dictatorship too. The begining of Hitler dictatorship.

          • It is not the problem of the Hungarian people that is to blame for things going wrong in Hungary, but the ones that call themselves Hungarian people, the left overs from the old communist regime

            I could not agree more with your description of Fidesz/MIEP

          • Pali

            No you Indian fool. I was not giving a description of Fidesz, but the leftovers of socialism. People who follow Fidesz are democrats not heathens that call themselves Socialists or Communists. Question!!! What is it you are really after??? What gives with all your pulling the Hungarian government down. What exactly is it that you really want from life. Do you think you’re criticizing a country that you don’t even live in is going to help your endeavour for a better life? You seem to me, to live a very weird life style, spending hours upon hours hammering away at computer key board.

          • “Do you think you’re criticizing a country that you don’t even live in is going to help your endeavour for a better life?”

            I do not only live in Hungary, I have also created half-Hungarians…on top of improving the Hungarian trade balance for over 20 years and expect to do that for another five.
            What have you ever done for Hungary, except spending your meager UK-pension in Eastern Hungary with a local woman who could not find a better catch?

          • Pali

            You are wrong there. My wife got a good catch and me a good catch. I think I owe you an apology. From some of your writes, I detected that you moved to Hungary, lived some time, then moved on. For some unknown reason, I understood you had moved to Sweden. Seems I was totally wrong, I’m sorry. I, myself, had no idea what it was like living in Hungary before I came over here. I had a friend who was contemplating moving back to Hungary, and his future wife had a flat to sell. I took it as an opportunity to make Hungary my nesting place. This is what I did, and have no regrets. Now I live like a Hungarian, and enjoy living under Democratic rule. A Democratic government that I look up to and support to my utmost existence. I will back Orbán Viktor and his government to the day I die, because I have seen what he has done for this country and it’s people. I don’t like the way lefty parties run them down, especially after what the Communists and the Socialist did. Jobbik I cannot trust, because they are a changeable party and lie about their roots. So, please accept my apologies.

    • National Hiphop

      Too bad he’s based in Far-far Away Trump Fairytale Land, then…

      • Illiberal Revolution

        USA is already under Illiberal Hungarian control.

        • National Hiphop

          Obviously so. That is why Trump would not talk to Orbán about CEU or anything .
          Pöri my man, you do the Fidesz-loonie job pretty well, but the comedy is becoming more and more apparent.

          • Illiberal Revolution

            Orbán doesn’t need to talk to Trump, when his alter ego is in the White House.

  • Maybe bullshitting Gorka was just replaced by James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, Ohio, as the US Alt-Right hero?
    Action Speaks Louder Than BS

  • 74 years ago the US Government made this film about an Hungarian becoming an US citizen – so much changed…

  • Gorka may be regarded by some as Hungarian, but in reality he is playing for Team Kremlin:

  • olga
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