August 14th, 2017

Trading places on the Hungarian right –

As Hungary enters what is widely expected to be an aggressive campaign season, the ruling Fidesz party and far-right Jobbik appear to be in the process of switching places.

Unless the fractious leftist and liberal opposition parties band together, Hungary’s spring 2018 election may end up as a contest between two nationalist, anti-migration, and largely pro-Russian parties.

But while Fidesz is adopting rhetoric once reserved for the fringes of the political spectrum, Jobbik is moving in the opposite direction, desperately trying to appeal to centrists and save itself from political irrelevance.

Source: Trading places on the Hungarian right

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  • If “Jobbik” would form the next Government, Hungary would end up as Poland, where EPP would have no reason whatsoever to keep the Hungarian Government in power and stop any sanctions from EU towards Hungary.

    It would raise an interesting situation if Fidesz would vote Yes or No to any EU-sanctions against Hungary when “Jobbik” is in power.

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