August 18th, 2017

25 young Roma to represent Hungary at Varna forum of Phiren Amenca

Some 25 young Roma will represent Hungary at a social forum of the Budapest-based Phiren Amenca network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers to be held in Varna in Bulgaria as part of the European Youth Capital program series on August 24- 30, the organisers said. The event will bring together 350 Roma and non-Roma young people from 15 European countries to promote critical thinking and the fight against anti-Roma prejudice spreading among extremists in Europe.

The participants will get a chance to meet European peers, young activists and youth leaders and attend workshops and community events. They will organise 48-hour actions to focus on a variety of topics, such as Roma heroes, school segregation, forced evictions, as well as challenging stereotypes and racism through music, theatre, rhythm, graffiti or media.

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