August 18th, 2017

Number of staff in ministries has doubled since 2010 while Orbán gov’t preached “bureaucracy reduction”

The number of state administration staff has doubled since 2010, despite the Orbán government’s initial vows of “bureaucracy reduction.” Personnel-related expenses have also doubled over the last seven years, writes Világgazdaság (

The overall number of employees in ministries was 5700 in 2010, by now it has grown to 10,000. Even though only two ministries upload information regularly on their employment data, it can be seen from the relevant reports that for example the number of staff in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has grown by one third to 989 persons, while the Development Ministry has tripled its size with currently 912 employees. The record growth was provided by the Prime minister’s Office, which now has over 1500 workers compared to the 93 it had in 2010.

Personnel-related expenses – which include various other items apart from salaries – have doubled together with the number of staff, to HUF 1960 billion from 981 billion in 2010. A further growth of expenses is expected as there is HUF 2407,2 billion is allocated to these in next year’s budget. This means that these expenses will constitute 12% of the state budget in 2018, as opposed to 7% in 2010.

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  • wolfi

    The next step is probably for Hungarians to gladly give Orbán etc their weight in gold …
    That would explain why so many Fidesz honchos have become so fat!

  • ViktorZorroban

    True Hungarians believe every word our Fidesznik Leaders say, as lies are the roots of the Hungarian Fairytale!

  • Heard The Ultimate Argument from an old MIEP, later “Jobbik”-supporter, turned Whorban/Fidesz-loyalist nowadays:
    * Whorban and Mészáros must earn all that money to build up a ‘war chest’ to win the 2018 Election, otherwise Soros will win and Hungary will be swamped with refugees. A ‘little’ corruption is then not bad – just a way to fight Soros…

    • ViktorZorroban

      A big corruption is even better – and let’s fight all kikes along the way!

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