August 28th, 2017

Hungary withdraws ambassador to The Hague after Orbán critique –

Hungary will withdraw its ambassador to the Netherlands for an indefinite period of time after the Dutch ambassador in Budapest made critical remarks about the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, local media reported Friday.

Péter Szijjártó, the Hungarian foreign affairs minister, said Hungary will take “political and diplomatic steps” if the Netherlands does not formally apologize for remarks by Gajus Scheltema, the departing Dutch ambassador to Hungary.

Scheltema said in an interview with magazine 168 Óra published Thursday — days before he will leave his post as ambassador — that the rhetoric of the Orbán administration is similar to that used by terrorists in the Middle East.

Source: Hungary withdraws ambassador to The Hague after Orbán critique

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  • David Stephenson

    Diplomats haven’t ranted like this since the Germans in the 1930s. The ambassador brought shame on Holland.

    • CG Walkman

      Get real! Pffft!

    • Given what Whorban and his ilk normally claims about Brussels and the Hague, why would similar undiplomatic talk be upsetting?
      Or it is always about different standards for ‘Hungarians’?

    • roderickbeck

      To the contrary educated people everywhere are exulting that someone finally speaks the truth about Hungary.

  • wolfi

    What about:
    Hungary will withdrawfrom the EU money pots for an indefinite period of time …
    That would show those Dutch – we proud Hungarians don’t accept their money any more!

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