August 31st, 2017

Putin now visits Hungary as often as he does Asian dictatorships – The Budapest Beacon

Vladimir Putin’s Russia fights its war against the West with money, online soldiers and intelligence agents, but Viktor Orbán doesn’t care about that: he has welcomed the Russian president warmly in Budapest for the second time this year. According to experts, Putin is using Hungary as a mere tool to break Western values, but the government still gladly does business with him. The construction work for the new Paks nuclear plant, for example, will begin in January, with Russian money.

Source: Putin now visits Hungary as often as he does Asian dictatorships – The Budapest Beacon

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  • Sáros György

    junk west

    • ViktorZorroban

      the You are completely right! Hungary is at it’s best when it’s dominated by Soviets. Just look at our football team… When didn’t we lose 8-1 against the Dutch suckers, or were humiliated by Andorrans? Indeed, in Rákosi/Stalin years. Let’s pray that the Orban/Putin years will be equally successful!

      • Sáros György

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        • wolfi

          Nazis like you are not welcome here!

          • ViktorZorroban

            Be compassionate, Wolfi. Saros just found out that a Jew stole his house, a Ukranian took his job and a big dick nigger is banging his wife. And daughters.

          • wolfi

            Are you telling us that Saros is really FUC* in disguise? Or ist the creature leto’s reincarnation?
            I wonder whether they all drift here from breitbart or the daily stormer or …

          • CG Walkman

            The Daily Stormer has been kicked off the internet by their webhost.

  • wolfi

    Hungary is an Asian dictatorship, so where’s the problem?

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