September 1st, 2017

Foreign minister Szijjártó invited to Dutch town by Hungarian expat community after diplomatic feud

Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister was invited over to the Dutch town of Harlingen by one of the few dozen Hungarians who live and work there to “see it for himself.” The invitation came after Szijjártó withdrew Hungary’s ambassador to the Netherlands in retaliation to some critical remarks made by the outgoing Dutch ambassador to Budapest, reports

Délmagyar originally made a report about the small Hungarian community in Harlingen, as over thirty people – mostly male skilled workers – settled down there during the last couple of years. Most of these people left the small town of Mindszent in Southeast Hungary to live and work in Harlingen, which they now call “Little Mindszent” among themselves. The Hungarian expatriates said they work in “perfect conditions” for much better salaries than back in Hungary. They live a so-called holiday park, normally used by Dutch people on vacation. Its buildings are fully equipped and the park also has a gym, a swimming pool and other sports facilities. Although their families could not join them there, they can go home for ten days every 1,5 months to see them.

The “Little Mindszent” community had not been aware of the diplomatic shakeup between Hungary and the Netherlands until Délmagyar’s journalist informed them. One of the expatriates said in response that they would like to invite Szijjártó to one of their barbecue parties so that the foreign minister can see for himself what life is like in Harlingen.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Once again Petrus Szijjarto is 128% right. You think it’s a coincidence that Holland and Harlingen start with the H from Hellhole, while the first letter of Hungary is the H from Heaven?!

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