September 1st, 2017

Orbán pledges to help city of Pécs among strained finances

Visiting the south Hungarian city of Pécs, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán pledged to locals that the government would step in and help out the financially strained local council. “Pécs is not in a good budgetary situation; we have to solve this,” Orbán said at a ceremony held in the Kodály Centre to celebrate a local university anniversary. “Those that created the problem will sort it out,” the prime minister said, adding that locals could count on the government. “We will stand behind the people of Pécs,” he said. “Kindly support us.”

The local authority of Pécs is controlled by the governing Fidesz party. Press reports suspected this week that mayor Zsolt Páva is now only formally at the head of the city council, as a new decision making body was set up with the participation of the two Fidesz lawmakers of the constituencies of Pécs.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Don’t you love how frank and open our Fidesznik Leader is: “Those that created the problem will sort it out”…
    That would be like criminals saying: “Those who stole the money will steal some more”. Or like Putin telling: “Those who poisoned their opponents just bought a shitload of polonium-210.”
    I really appreciate the honesty of our Unkle Viktor.

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