September 4th, 2017

Gyurcsány urges voters to choose Europe over Orbán

Ferenc Gyurcsány, head of the Democratic Coalition (DK), urged participants in his party’s campaign opener over the weekend to “choose Europe over Orbán” in next year’s election. In his address, Gyurcsány pledged a “more peaceful, tranquil, European and bourgeois country” in return for voter support. He said some of Hungary’s politicians were“trapped in the past but DK focuses on the future in which successful people are appreciated and the poorest are aided. Gyurcsány pointed to splits within the opposition and warned that if they do their job badly in the next seven months, Fidesz could again win a two-thirds majority but said that successful efforts by the opposition could reduce support for the ruling parties to below one third.

He said that the current electoral system is neither free nor fair but suggested that an opposition victory was still possible. He also warned that boycotting the election would equate to capitulating before Fidesz. DK is open to cooperation with the “democratic” parties without any preconditions, Gyurcsány said. He suggested that small parties that are not likely to clear the parliamentary threshold of 5% of the votes could have joint national lists, while the leftist parties should only field one candidate in each of the 106 constituencies.

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  • Yes, it is important that there is max 3 candidates in every 106 constituencies:
    1) Pro-Fidesz
    2) Anti-Fidesz
    3) LMP/”Jobbik” or whatever cannot join the Anti-Fidesz block because of personal ambitions.
    Fidesz will probably lose in those constituencies where only the two first candidates are, hence Fidesz will, like in 2014, field a number of fake parties with similar names as the Opposition, just to confuse the electorate. As Fidesz controls all Election committees and how to spend money and Election Campaigning, all these fake parties will get equal airtime, so the Opposition’s message will be drowned out.

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