September 4th, 2017

Orbán: government’s “feats at stake” in 2018 election

The stake of next year’s general election will be protecting the government’s accomplishments of the past seven years, the prime minister said over the weekend. Speaking at the 16th annual Civic Picnic in Kötcse, in southwestern Hungary, Viktor Orbán also talked about a changing world order and French President Emmanuel Macron’s vision for Europe, his press chief said. Among the government’s feats, Orbán mentioned the protection of Hungary’s borders, the installation of the border fence, ensuring the security of families and jobs and public security. He also claimed that according to a “recent NATO estimate” 60 million migrants “could flee Africa between now and 2020, most of them heading for Europe”.

On the subject of Macron’s views on the tasks before Europe which he laid out in a recent interview with French weekly Le Point, Orbán said certain aspects of the French president’s vision were in line with Hungary’s interests, but voiced disagreement on others. Orbán agreed with Macron’s views on the need for realism in foreign policy as well as what he had said about the crisis faced by the West. He also agreed that the EU must respect its basic principles if it is to overcome the weaknesses that had led to its problematic functioning.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    The question is: To be (a corrupt, illiberal Putinist regime) or not to be.

  • Title is obviously wrong – should be:
    government’s “feet on a stake over fire” in 2018 election
    An old Viking tradition.

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