September 4th, 2017

Socialists to probe parties’ stance on “super Europe” and euro zone

Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi said he would send a letter to Hungary’s parliamentary parties to probe their stance on joining a united “super Europe” and the euro zone. A majority of the member states and leaders of the European institutions intend to create a closely integrated core within the bloc, Ujhelyi told the press. This “super Europe” is to further boost security, progress and cooperation. According to the prevailing concept, this new formation will be based on the euro zone so that the countries such as Hungary and Poland which actively obstruct all change within the EU can be circumvented, Ujhelyi said. The reform proposals are sure to be announced after the German general elections scheduled for September 24, he said.

In the letter, Ujhelyi will ask Hungary’s parliamentary parties about which way they intend to lead Hungary. If the governing parties do not abandon unorthodox, illiberal politics, they will surely distance the country from this new kind of cooperation, he said. Of central eastern European countries, Romania and the Czech Republic have already announced their intentions to join the euro zone. Hungary, however, has not even asked for an observer status, Ujhelyi said.

Answering a question on Viktor Orbán’s Thursday letter to European Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker requesting EU reimbursement for Hungary’s costs in the migration crisis, Ujhelyi said the letter was a communications bluff. “Whatever the EC’s answer, Orbán is going to use it for domestic policy gains”, he said.

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  • Yes, this two-speed EU will mean not only less money, but also less power, for the non-Euro member states and has an aim to stop the dead-lock mainly the V4-countries, plus Romania/Bulgaria, makes in some policy-areas.

    It would not have been possible before Brexit, so it is the typical EU-reaction to problems – More Integration/Harmonisation.
    This two-speed EU and Brexit will though spell harder times for countries like Hungary, who will have to chose between Brussels or Moscow.

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